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121 ii 14 f.e. Grenville, John, Earl of Bath: for Grenville read Granville
123 i 36 Grenville, Sir Richard: for Vercera read Tercera
130 ii 39 Grenville, Richard P. T. N. B. C., 2nd Duke of Buckingham: for Ashburton read Ashburnham
132 ii 2 Grenville, Thomas (1755-1846): for second son read third son
151 i 5 Gresham, Sir Thomas: for Bishopsgate read Basinghall
156 i 11 Greswell, Edward: for 1816 read 1819
159 i 10 Greville, Sir Fulke, 1st Lord Brooke: after who insert was knighted in 1565
11-12 omit was knighted in 1605
12 for the following year read 1606
160 i 1 for de le read delle
162 ii l.l. after 1595-1628 ; insert Lord Cowper's MSS. in Hist. Comm. 12th Rep. pts. i.-iii;
175 i 1 Grey, Charles, 2nd Earl Grey: for Sir Harry Grey read Sir Henry Grey
181 i 34 Grey, Edmund, 1st Earl of Kent: for Henry III read Henry VII
ii 25 Grey, Elizabeth, Countess of Kent: for step-sister read wife
183 ii 5-6 Grey, Sir George: for Charles Grant (1778-1866) [q. v.]. read Thomas Spring-Rice, afterwards Baron Monteagle [q. v.].
26-27 for till the fall of Lord Melbourne in 1841. read till June 1841, when he became for a few months chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster.
37 for 1845 read 1846
184 i 9 f.e. for 1862 read 1861
5 f.e. for Lord Palmerston read Earl Russell
186 i 15 f.e. Grey, Henry, Duke of Suffolk: for Henry Keys read Thomas Keys
188 ii 38 Grey, Henry, 1st Earl of Stamford: for 23 Aug. read 21 Aug.
192 ii 13 Grey, John de, 3rd Baron Grey of Codnor: for and grandson read a grandson
193 i 17 Grey, John, Earl of Tankerville: for 24 Oct. read 25 Oct.
33 after Cotentin insert In August he was serving at the siege of Rouen under the Earl of Salisbury,
50-52 omit He served at the siege of . . . . Camden Soc.).
197 ii 22 f.e. Grey, Reginald de, 3rd Lord Grey of Ruthin: for 1391 read 1389
19 f.e. for the ninth baron read third baron
17 f.e. for great-grandson read great-great-grandson
16 f.e. for eighth baron Hastings (d. 1313) read second baron Hastings (1262-1313)[q. v.]
12 f.e. for son read brother
9 f.e. for gules a manche or read or a maunche gules
200 i 23 Grey, Richard, 4th Baron Grey of Codnor: for Argentain in Aquitaine read Argentan in Normandy
29 for 1435 read 1445
216 i 18 f.e. Grey, William de, Lord Walsingham: for Wyndham read Windham
16 f.e. for Christ's College read Trinity Hall
234 i 8 Griffith, Matthew: after pt. ii. p. 33). insert Migrating to Cambridge, he graduated M.A. from Christ's College in 1621.
234 ii 12 for Queen Anne read Queen Anne of Denmark
238 ii 2-4 Griffith, Sir Richard John: for his second wife . . . . Burgh [q. v.],read his first wife, Charity, daughter of John Bramston, Esq., of Oundle,
249 i 37 Grimald, Nicholas: after refectory insert (cf. Tanner, MS. 106, f. 43)
ii 20 f.e. after points of interest. insert He published 'Christus Redivivus Comœdia Tragica Sacra' at Cologne in 1543 (printed by Martin Gymnicus): one copy is in the library at Wolfenbiittel; a second is at Berlin; a third belongs to Prof. J. M. Hart of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Prof. Hart reprinted his copy in the publications of the Modern Languages Association of America, 1899.
9 f.e. for the piece's read the two pieces'
9-6 f.e. omit Grimald is also credited . . . . no copy is now known
250 i 30 for Grimioaldum read Grimoaldum
255 ii 17 f.e. Grimshawe, Thomas S.: for Coldwell Priory read Caldwell Priory
258 i 9 f.e. Grimston, Sir Harbottle: for 1628 read 1648
ii 11 f.e. omit near