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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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2 ii 20 f.e. Leighton, Sir Elisha: for 1644) read 1649)
18 i 17 f.e. Leland, John (d. 1428): for ei' read ejus
16 i 7 f.e. Leland, John (1506?-1552): omit Vitel C. ix., 234
6 f.e. after with insert copies in Vitel C. ix., 234, and
29 i 9 f.e. Lemon, George W.: after parish, insert In Jan. 1768 he accepted an usherehip at Bury St. Edmunds.
38 i 32 Le Neve, Sir William: for 1648 read 1642
42 i 38 Lennox, Charles, 1st Duke of Richmond: for old age read later years
44 i 8 Lennox, Charles, 2nd Duke of Richmond: after George III insert and art. Napier, George}
47 ii 34 Lennox, Charles, 3rd Duke of Richmond: for Pompeio read Pompeo
52 i 17 Lennox, Lord William P.: for Abbey read Hall
65 i 4 f.e. Leopold G. D. A., Duke of Albany: for his elder sister read Augusta
3-2 f.e. for Empress of Germany read German Empress
66 i 31 omit a son and
32 after daughter, insert A posthumous son was born 19 July.
77 i 14 f.e. Leslie, Andrew, properly 5th Earl of Rothes: for May read March
97 i 19 Leslie, John (1527-1596): for Constance read Coutances
107 ii 22 f.e. Leslie, Norman, Master of Rothes: after July insert 1547
109 i 12 f.e. Leslie, Walter, Count Leslie: for Saxons read Swedes
115 ii 38 L'Estrange, Hamon (1605-1660): after to the bar insert He was admitted fellow-commoner at Christ's College, Cambridge, 1623.
116 ii 16 f.e. L'Estrange, Hamon (1674-1769): for 1769) read 1767)
9 f.e. after peace, insert He was admitted fellow-commoner of Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1692.
117 ii 7 Le Strange, Henry L. S.: after Cathedral insert (finished by Thomas Gambier Parry [q. v.])
123 i 12 L'Estrange, Sir Roger: for 1679 read 1678
127 ii 6 for 1712 read 1812
133 ii 32 Lettice, John: for Church read Clerical
142 i 22 f.e. Lever, Thomas: for 10 Aug. read 24 June
145 i 8 Leverton, Thomas: for nephew read great-nephew
153 i 30 Leveson-Gower, Harriet E. G., Duchess of Sutherland: for 1838 read 1832 and for the first Duke read Earl Grosvenor, afterwards first Duke
162 i 1 Levizac, Jean P. V. L. de: for le read de
177 ii 28 Lewis, Frederick C.: for Sir J. D. Acland read Sir Thomas Dyke Acland
182 i 19-18 f.e. Lewis, Sir George C.: for These spurious fables read The spurious fables in the 2nd part