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248 ii 10 Audley, Edmund: for Hereford read Lichfield
20 for Gevendale read Givendale
249 i 5f.e. Audley, Hugh: after money-lender insert admitted student of Inner Temple Nov. 1603, and called to the bar 1611
ii 27 after of Literature’ insert Audley Street in west London, which runs through lands owned by him, was named after him.
250 i 29 Audley, James: for 1369 read 1386
ii 34 for 1362 read 1367
251 i 10-11 Audley, Thomas, Baron Audley: for Magdalen College, Cambridge .... He then came read Cambridge, apparently studying for a time at Buckingham College, which was founded in 1519. In 1542, two years before his death, he reconstituted the foundation at his own cost, and obtained a royal license to change its name to ‘the College of the St. Mary Magdalene.’ Audley was thus founder of Magdalene College, Cambridge
4f.e. after More insert In 1529 Audley was elected M.P. for Essex
255 i 3-7 Aufrere, Anthony: for in the preface .... in the reformation read (The ‘Tribute’ was really by Herder, and appeared under the title of ‘Denkmal Ulrichs von Hutten’ in the ‘Teutscher Merkur’ for July 1776, being reprinted in a spurious edition of Goethe's works in 1779; see Herder's ‘Werke,’ ed. Hempl, xv. 355.)
i 31 Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex: after 1773 insert He was made K.G. iu 1786
ii 3f.e. for 1839 read 1838
260 ii 2 Austen, Jane: for July read January
264 i

Austin, John(1613-1669): for Hicks read Hickes
267 i 37 Austin, John (1790-1859) : after Timon insert [Cormenin]
276 ii 12 Awdelay, John: for 1575 read 1567
282 i 7 Aylmer, John: after persuasion insert He resumed the Stow archdeaconry in 1559
11 before For the next insert and received three prebends in Lincoln Cathedral
283 ii 23f.e. Aylmer, Matthew: before After the peace insert and was also appointed a lord of the Admiralty
284 i 18 after peerage insert of Ireland
19 after Balrath insert He had been elected whig M.P. for Portsmouth in 1695 and for Dover in 1697, 1713, and 1715
31 Ayloffe, John: after (iii. 186) insert together with another poem ‘On the Cambridge Commencement, by Captain Aylolfe’ (iii. 188-9)
285 i 26f.e. Ayloffe, Sir Joseph: for Cowdry read Cowdray
287 i 9 Aymer de Valence (d. 1200): for 1352 read 1252
290 i 13 Ayreminne, Richard de: after Norwich insert He became prebendary of York in 1316
ii 22 Ayreminne, William de: after Salisbury insert Hereford 1320
23·25 for he is said .... received read while living in France, he received
26-28 for and to have .... pope's nomination read The pope was then at Avignon, and Ayreminne immediately obtained his nomination
294 i 11 Ayscough, Francis: for 1766 read 1763
44-6 for Bristol .... Magazine’ read Bristol in 1761. He died 16 Aug. 1763
297 i 32 Ayscough, Samuel: for John Wane read Hans Sloane
307 ii 19f.e. Baber, Sir John: for March 1660 read March 1660-1
313 i 12 Babington, Francis: for Keymes read Keynes
ii 2f.e. Babington, Gervaise: for prebendary read prebend
321 ii 9 Backwell, Edward: for Libscomb's read Lipscomb's
322 ii 25 for the same year read 1673
323 i 18 for 1680 read 1681
20·25 for 1657 and .... and the city read 31 Jan. 1659-60, and was discharged from that office on payment of 700l. on 13 June 1661
7f.e. for Libscomb's read Lipscomb's
ii 6 Bacon, Ann: for Lady Ann read Ann, Lady
9-10 for John Cawnton of London read Sir William Fitzwilliam of Gains Park, Essex
328 ii 13-12f.e. Bacon, Francis: for in June 1575 read on 27 June 1576