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N.B. /.e. stands for: from end and l.l. for last line Page Col. Line

3 i 18 Milman, Henry H. : for shifted read sifted

4 i 21 for Lieutenant read Lieutenant-General

35 i 17 Milton, John (1608-1674) : for the work read the agreement

40 i 9-7 for Cambridge were left .... died in 1700. read Cambridge, of which the

f,e, history is very obscure, may have formed part of a donation made to the

college by Sir Henry Newton, afterwards Puckering [q. v.].

48 i 36 Milverton, John : after MSS. ; insert Gregory's Chronicle (Camden Soc.) ; 53 i 8f.e. Misson, Francis M. : for 1798 read 1698

ii 85 for 22 Jan. read 12 Jan.

67 i 11 f.e. Mitchell, Hugh Henry: for (1764 ? read (1770

10 f.e. after Colonel, insert born 9 June 1770,

95 ii 28-24 Modyford, Sir Thomas : for Charles, the elder, predeceased his father, read Thomas

the elder, survived his father little more than a month. 24 for Thomas read Charles

97 ii 39-40 Moffat, Robert : for Stellen-booch read Stellen-bosch 102 i 11 f.e. Moffett, Thomas : for Barnes Elms read Barn Elms

108 i 3 f.e. for he is there described read he is described at the foot of the dedication

107 i 29-84 Mohun, Charles, 5th Baron Mohun : omit His only would-be apologist . . -

Own Time, ii. 180).

17 f.e. for and engraved by Cooper, read in 1707 and was engraved by John Faber

the younger, in 1782.

111 i 18 f.e. Mohun, Eeginald de : for 1146 read 1246

112 ii 5 Mohun, William de : for Dunstan read Dunster 120 i 10 Molesworth, John E. N. : for 1825 read 1815

122 i 17 Molesworth, Robert, 1st Viscount Molesworth : before were issued insert [see

ROGERS, THOMAS, 1660-1694] 128 i 21 f.e. Molesworth, Sir William : for His father .... and he read He

15-8 for and he was sent .... at the university. He read With his mother

f.e. and two sisters he removed during 1824 to Edinburgh, and studied at the

university till 1827. In that year he entered at St. John's College, Cambridge, but soon migrated to Trinity. He gave promise of mathe- matical distinction, but a quarrel with his tutor led to his expulsion from Cambridge in April 1828. He sent his tutor a challenge, and both were bound over by the mayor of Cambridge to keep the peace for a year. Molesworth spent the next few months in the family of Dr. Bekker at Offen- bach, near Frankfort, studying German and philosophy. At the end of a year he travelled by coach to Munich to fight the postponed duel with his Cambridge tutor. Lord Queensberry acted as his second. Shots were exchanged, but neither was hurt. Molesworth l.l. for Naples read Rome and at Naples

ii 10 f.e. after generally, insert He purchased the ' Westminster Keview ' in 1836 and

amalgamated the two.