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N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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3 ii 18 Perkins, Sir Christopher: for (1547? read (1543?
27 for apparently in 1547 read about 1543
28 for and is probably distinct from the Christopher read and seems to be identical with the Christopher
30-31 for and subsequently .... Eaton, Berkshire read (cf. Cal. Hatfield MSS. pt. vi. p. 122). The Winchester scholar should doubtless be distinguished from Christopher Perkins, who became rector of Easton, Hampshire, in 1559
32 for He was read The diplomatist was
16 ii 33 Perronet, Vincent : for 1707 read 1708
17 ii 20 for 5 Feb. read 5 Dec.
18 ii 36-42 for There is, however .... left no children, read His wife's Christian name was Durial and she died in 1792, her will being proved in December of that year. There was no issue of the marriage.
26 i 22 Perrot, Sir John : for daughter of Sir Lewis Pollard, read widow of Sir Lewis

Pollard and daughter of Hugh Pruet, of Thorry, Hartland, Devonshire,

36 i 7-3 f.e. Perry, Sampson : for and was brought up .... and in 1786 read Before and during 1772 he was practising as a surgeon in Aldersgate Street, London. There he seems to have invented the solvent for the stone which was known as Adams' Solvent. Perry described the invention in a 'Disquisition on the Stone and Gravel,' which was first published under the name of William Adams. Second, third, and fourth editions, appearing respectively in 1772, 1773, and 1775, bore a like designation, but in the appendix to the fourth edition Perry disclosed his authorship, which was acknowledged in the fifth, sixth, and seventh editions, appearing in 1777, 1779, and 1785 respectively. Perry was appointed lieutenant (1 May 1777), surgeon (9 April 1778), and captain (28 March 1780) in the East Middlesex militia. In 1786 he published
ii 1 for In 1791 he was read In 1791 he was served with five informations and one indictment by the attorney-general for libels on the government. In the course of the year he was
4 after chancellor, insert He edited his paper from prison.
5-6 for the king and Pitt read during 1791 Pitt's agent
7-8 for and was convicted .... which he alleged, read After writing to show that the House of Commons
9-11 for the country. To avoid imprisonment .... January 1798, read the country, he learnt of the government's resolve to ruin him and his paper. In consequence he fled in Nov. 1792
16 after apprehension, insert He was tried in absence for his last libel and found guilty. His paper was suppressed, he was outlawed, and his property seized in January 1798.
17 after club insert in Paris
20 for August read Sept.