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36 ii 28-29 Perry, Sampson : for returned .... imprisoned read remained five months longer in Paris and returned to London in 1795. He was betrayed to the police by a woman for the sake of the reward, and was imprisoned as an outlaw
33 after (1795), insert 'Argus Miscellany' (1796)
36 for and had read and after 1809 had
43 for a widow and family, read by one wife, who died in 1813, a daughter and three sons, and by a later marriage four sons and two daughters.
44 for Annual read New Annual
46 i 33 Pestell, Thomas: after 1701), insert born at Coleorton, Leicestershire, he was admitted a pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 29 Aug. 1628. Then migrating to Queens', he
52 i 12 Peter Hibernicus : for [see Thomas] read [see under Thomas Hibernicus]
ii 6 Peter des Roches : for 1109 read 1199
54 i 30 for Brienne read Brian
56 ii 19 f.e. Peter of Savoy, Earl of Richmond : for sixth son read seventh son
58 i 11 f.e. for Hasli read Hasle
82 ii 12 Peter, John L. : after sketching insert and was buried in St. Michael's churchyard, where there is a monument with an inscription
85 i 13-14 Petit, William : for lord justice read justiciar
15 for earl of Meath read lord of Meath
ii 4 Petiver, James : for (d. 1718) read (1663-1718)
7 for between 1660 and 1670 read in 1668 (cf. Sloane MS. 2860, f. 5 b)
106 ii 7 f.e. Pettie, John: for East Linton, Haddingtonshire read in Edinburgh
2 f.e. after for art. insert At ten Pettie removed with his parents to East Linton, Haddingtonshire.
132 i 17 f.e. Petyt, William : for (1636 read (1641 ?
16 f.e. for in 1686 read about 1641
5 f.e. for William read William, who was educated at Skipton School, and matriculated as a pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 26 April 1660, aged 19,
145 ii 15-16 Phelips, Sir Robert : for is said to have been read and was
17 for (his name does not appear in Haydn), and read from 25 May 1687 till March 1689. He
149 i 7 Phelps, Samuel : for thirty-four of them read thirty-one of them (all except 'Richard II,' the three parts of 'Henry VI,' 'Troilus and Cressida,' and 'Titus Andronicus')
150 i 15 f.e. Pherd, John : Note that a fuller account appears under Fontibus, John de
153 ii 81-82 Philip de Thaun : for There is only one manuscript . . . . E. x. read Manuscripts of Philip's 'Bestiaire' are in Cotton MS. Nero, A. v., in Royal Library at Copenhagen, No. 8466, and in Merton College, Oxford, No. 249. The Latin 'Bestiarium' in Cotton MS. Vespasian, G. x., is not Philip's work.
157 ii 32 Philip, John (1775-1851) : for Earl read Lord
163 ii l.l. Philipot, Thomas : for Benlowe's read Benlowes's
167 i 23-24 Philippa of Hainault : for a statue of her .... the principal entrance read there

is a wooden effigy of her in the library

173 i 30 Philips, Ambrose : for bishop read archbishop
37 for county read borough
177 ii 17 Philips, John : after 1720 insert and a third in 1763
189 ii 28-29 Phillip, Arthur : for during November read on 31 Aug.
29 after Bath insert and was buried in Bathampton Church.
195 ii 11 Phillipps, Sir Thomas : for Huddersford read Huddesford
201 ii 8 f.e. Phillips, Henry (fl. 1780-1880) : for (fl. 1780-1880) read (1775-1838)
7-6 f.e. for said to have been a schoolmaster read a native of Sussex, was originally a banker at Worthing. He
202 i 4 after p. 135). insert He died at Brighton in 1828.
205 ii 26-25 f.e. Phillips, John (1631-1706) : for 'Sportive Wit or the Muses Merriment' read 'Sportive Wit : The Muses Merriment. A New Spring of Lusty Drollery, &c.'
24 f.e. for a unique copy of which is read copies of which are