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42 i 13 Bale, John: for 1559 read 1558
57 ii 13 Balfour, Nesbit: after Burghs insert from 1790 to 1796
after Arundel insert from 1797
after made insert colonel of the 93rd regiment in 1793 and
61 i 1 Balguy, John: for 1727 read 1727–8
19 Balguy, Thomas: for 1785 read 1795
20f.e. after shire insert He was a prebendary in Lincoln cathedral from 1748 till his death.
18f.e. for Salisbury read Winchester
17f.e. omit the line
75 i 20f.e. Ball, John (1585–1640): for Treatise read Catechisme
16f.e. for a William Seaman in 1666 read William Seaman [q.v.] in 1660
76 ii 31 Ball, Nicholas: after Inn insert and one of the king's Irish serjeants.
24f.e. for 1835 read 1836
21f.e. after Ireland insert in July 1838
89 ii 6–5. Balmford, James: for Andrew Barnes read Ambrose Barnes
103 i 8 Bampfield, Thomas: for (fl. 1658) read (d. 1693)
ii 17f.e. Bampfylde, John C.: for vii. 309 read iv. 301
104 i 3f.e. Bampton, John : for in 1751 read 2 June 1751, aged 61
104 The articles on John van der Banck and Peter van der Banck are re-written under the headings Vanderbank, John, and Vanderbank, Peter. (See volume lviii. pp. 100–101.)
24f.e. Bancroft, Edward: after Priestley insert was born at Westfield, Massachusetts, 9 Jan. 1744. He received only a rudimentary education, and after a few years' apprenticeship to some trade ran away to sea. In 1763 he settled in Guiana, where he practised medicine. He afterwards removed to England, where he was elected F.R.S. 20 May 1773. Meanwhile he
106 i 6 after them insert Bancroft died at Margate on 8 Sept. 1821. Edward Nathaniel Bancroft [q.v.] was his son.
107 ii 30, 31 Bancroft, John: for the resignation of Dr. Samuel Harsnett read the promotion of Dr. Samuel Harsnett to the see of Chichester.
109 ii 7 Bancroft, Richard: for In April 1585 read On 10 Feb. 1585–6
after &c. insert He was a prebendary of Canterbury from 1595–7.
115 i 28 omit the cross reference Bangor, Hugh
120 i 9 Banister, Richard: for 1624? read 1626
et seq.
for was living .... about 1624 read was buried at St. Mary's, Stamford, Lincolnshire, 7 April 1626. His wife Anne was buried there on 16 April 1624.
ii 4 Banister, Sir William: for (fl. 1713) read (d. 1721)
27 after 787) insert He died at Turk Dean on 21 Jan. 1720–1, and was buried in the church there (Hist. Reg. 1721, Chron. Diary, p. 6).
121 i 3f.e. Bankes, Henry: after year insert and was returned without opposition in 1830
2f.e. for 1830 read 1831
ii 10 for Woodward read Woodley
19f.e. Bankes, Sir John: after parliament insert in 1624 for Wootton Bassett and
123 i 16 Bankes, Lady Mary: for Lady Mary read Mary, Lady
124 i 12f.e. Bankes, William John: after 1811 insert He was a tory like the rest of his family
11f.e. for 1821 read 1822
9f.e. for 1825 read 1826
8f.e. for 31 read 32
5f.e. for lost this seat read voluntarily retired
128 ii 14–18 Banks, John: for Mention is made .... British Museum read On the title-page of an edition of his poems in two volumes (London, 1738) his name is spelt Bancks
129 ii 28,29 Banks, Sir Joseph: omit after taking .... degree
131 i 23f.e. after Deal insert On 21 Nov. Banks was created Hon. D.C.L. at Oxford
136 ii 13 Bankwell, John de: after 1308 read He had been alderman successively of Cripplegate (1286–9) and Dowgate (1291–8) wards, and was the first 'clerk' or Town Clerk of London on record. (Cf. Letter Book A, fo. 74 b, under date Nov. 1084.) He lost his life by being trampled on at court at Edward II's coronation, 25 Feb. 1308