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232 ii 7 Selwyn, George A. (1809-1878): omit in the colonies
3f.e. for an only son, read two sons: William, vicar of Bromfield, and
233 ii 35 Selwyn, William (1806-1875): for (1806-1875) read (1809-1878)
235 ii 10-15 Sempill, Hew, 11th Lord Sempill: Note that the author of ‘A Short Address .... of the Author,’ London, 1793, was not by the subject of this article, but by his grandson, Hugh Sempill, thirteenth Lord Sempill (1758-1830).
248 ii 42 Senlis, Simon de, Earl of Northampton: for (d. 1170) read (d. 1159)
270 i 22 Seton, George, 5th Lord Seton: for ducesque alii, read aliique duces,
23 for Dominium read Dominus
281 ii 19-18f.e. Seward, Anna: for Johnson, writing .... declared read Johnson remarked to Boswell, 25 June 1784, that
282 ii 13 Seward, Thomas: for may read may be
296 i 31 Seymour, Catherine, Countess of Hertford: for Catherine read Lady Catherine
297 i 5-7 for and she would probably .... for a revival read but all hope of her complete restoration was dispelled by a revival
32-38 for As a result .... lieutenant of the Tower. read On Grey's death, 21 Nov. 1564, the countess was transferred to the custody of Sir William Petre [q. v.] at Ingatestone, Essex. Afterwards she was handed over to the charge of Sir John Wentworth, and on his death to that of Sir Owen Hopton at Cockfield Hall. The fact that Hopton was subsequently lieutenant of the Tower has led to the erroneous assumption that the countess was confined there a second time.
304 i 25-34 Seymour, Edward, Duke of Somerset: for But he had lost faith . . . . collected a large army read At first he avoided all reference to the feudal claim which Henry VIII had revived in 1542, and sought to win over the Scots to the projected union with England by promising free trade between the two kingdoms, autonomy for Scotland, and the substitution of the words Great Britain for England and Scotland. France encouraged the Scots to resist, and during the summer the Protector collected a large army
18f.e. for Dumbarton read Dunbar
305 ii 19 after dington insert (Sept. 1549)
26 for Ballemberg read Boulogneberg and after Newhaven insert (Ambleteuse)
20f.e. after enclosures insert (June 1548)
19f.e. after rejected insert in the following session of parliament
17f.e. for May read May 1549
306 ii 32 for twenty-nine read thirty-one
308 ii 25-26 for She was divorced soon after 1530 read She is erroneously said to have been divorced
309 i 10-5f.e. for Owing to the misconduct .... by his second wife read By an act of parliament passed in 1540 Somerset's estates were entailed upon his issue by his second wife in preference to his issue by his first, and similar clauses were introduced into the patents for his subsequent dignities and grants of land.
311 i 3-4 Seymour, Edward, Earl of Hertford (1539?-1621): for recommitted to the Tower. read committed to the custody of Sir John Mason [q. v.].
6-8 for he was released .... but was kept read but he was kept
10 after 158 insert cf. Notes and Queries, 8th series, vii. 422-8
318 i 30 Seymour, Francis, 1st Baron Seymour of Trowbridge: for is now an inn read was used as an inn until 1842, when it became Marlborough College
324 i 9f.e. Seymour, Lord Hugh: for at Jamaica read while cruising for his health off Jamaica.
332 i 11-16 Seymour, Thomas, Baron Seymour of Sudeley: for Meanwhile, in the summer .... In August he was back read It was not Seymour, as Maclean states, but Clinton who was sent in command of the fleet against Scotland during the summer and autumn of 1548. Seymour remained at home, busy with his intrigues against his brother's authority. In August he was
333 i 14 for manuscripts read sources
335 i 26 Seymour, William, 2nd Duke of Somerset: for Lanesborough read Londesborough
345 i 9 Shairp, John C.: for October read November