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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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v i 19 List of Writers : insert A. M. C-E . . . Miss A. M. Cooke
3 ii 2 Shebbeare, John: after happily. insert Mrs. Shebbeare died 25 Nov. 1779.
15 i 6 Sheffield, John, 3rd Earl of Mulgrave: for 1763-4 read 1703-4
19 ii 37 Sheil, Richard L.: for Penenden read Pennenden
21 i 39 for 1850 read 1849
24 i 18 Sheldon, Gilbert: for Ashbourne read Stanton, in the parish of Ellastone
21 after shire. insert An inscription by Bishop Hacket is still to be seen in the room where he was born.
25 i 12 for Sneltson read Snelston
26 ii 19f.e. after dark moustache. insert Another, the property of the Earl of Home, is at Bothwell Castle, Lanarkshire.
29 ii 22 Shelley, Mary W. : for eight years read six years
32 i 5f.e. Shelley, Percy B. : for but not one . . . light. read only one of which has come to light; this copy was found, in 1898, in the possession of Mr. V. E. G. Hussey, and has since been reprinted.
38 i 34 after Redding [q. v.]. insert Another edition of his 'Works' in one small volume was published by Charles Daly in 1836.
40 ii 4 Shelley, Sir Richard : for (d. 1566) read (d. 1559)
41 i 9-10 for the British Museum read the Government Library at Malta
44 i 16f.e. Shelton, Thomas (fl. 1612): for Besley read Beoley
ii 5f.e. after Cambridge, insert in the library of Wadham College, Oxford,
51 i 2
Shepard, Thomas : for Darly read Darley
20 for Touteville read Stoutville
69 i 6f.e. Sherborne, Robert: for (1440? read (1450?
5-1 f.e. for about 1440 . . . and at Oxford, where read probably about 1450. He entered Winchester College as a scholar in 1465 (Kirby) and
ii 1-3 omit he graduated M.A. ... St. Paul's Cathedral and
30 after 722). insert On 17 March 1496-7 he was made prebendary of Mora in St. Paul's Cathedral (Le Neve erroneously dates this preferment 1468-9).
77 i 5-6 Sheridan, Mrs. Frances: for Sir Oliver Chamberlaine, bart., read Walter Chamberlaine
80 i 18 Sheridan, Richard B. : for Mathews read Matthews
84 i 3 after required. insert Sheridan died on 7 July 1816.
10 for 7 July read 16 July
12 for eight read nine
85 i 11 after Charles insert (d. 1843)
24 after only son insert by his first wife