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253 ii 36 Wishart, Sir James: before On the accession insert He was M.P. for Portsmouth 1711-15.
18-17 f.e. for and there he died in 1729. read He died on 31 May 1723 (Boyer, Political State of Great Britain, May 1723, p. 571)
13 f.e. Wishart, Sir John: after John insert Lord Pittarrow
257 i 38 Witchell, Edwin: for Nymphsfield read Nympsfield
258 i 9 f.e. Witham, George: for Burton Constable read Constable Burton
259 i 32 Wither, George: for Anne Serle read Mary Hunt, apparently, of Theddon, Hampshire (cf. The Poetry of George Wither, ed. F. Sidgwick, 1902, i. xvi. sq.)
259 ii 4 f.e. for four editions read at least five editions
260 ii 15-17 for in 1617 for private circulation read in 1615 for private circulation. A copy of the private issue is in the Bodleian Library.
265 ii 16 for Hambledon, Surrey read Hambledon, Hampshire
266 ii 22 f.e. after Fidding insert (Theddon)
277 ii 24 Wodelarke, Robert: for 'Acero read 'Cicero
25-26 for 'Etymologiæ' read 'Etymologiarum'
294 ii 35 Wolfe, Arthur, 1st Viscount Kilwarden: for Six years read Five years
295 i 9 for the chief justice read formerly the chief justice
301 i 11 Wolfe, James: for right bank read left bank
302 ii 10 for commanding read cannonading
305 i 31 Wolfe, Reyner: for History of read History or
317 i 25 Wolley, Sir John: for 1572 read 1571.
27 after Elizabeth. insert According to Browne Willis, he was elected M.P. for East Looe in 1571
324 i 20 f.e. Wolseley, William (1640?-1697): for C. D. read C. D-n.
327 ii 38 Wolsey, Thomas: for 16 Nov. read 15 Nov.
329 i 11-12 omit and though he was never consecrated
346 i 44-45 Womock, Laurence: for with the promise of a prebend in Ely Cathedral read On 22 Sept. in the same year, according to Le Neve, he had been installed in the sixth prebendal stall at Ely.
50-52 omit On 22 Sept at Ely
347 i 44 after Bibl. Brit.; insert Cat. Tanner MSS. (Bodleian);
l.l. Wood, Alexander (1725-1807): for His father was the youngest son of Wood read He was the son of Thomas Wood and grandson of Jasper Wood
ii 40 after Edinburgh insert He married Veronica Chalmers
353 i 33-34 Wood, Sir Charles, 1st Viscount Halifax: for lost his seat at Grimsby in 1831, but read in 1831
354 ii 28 Wood, Sir David E.: after 1877. insert He was an unsuccessful candidate for Durham in the conservative interest in 1847.
359 ii 25-26 Wood, James (1672-1759): omit Another son, Robert . . . . Everett Wood [q. v.].
369 ii 26-27 Wood, Mary A. E.: for James Wood (1672-1759) [q. v.] was her grandfather. read Her grandfather James Wood, a friend of Wesley and twice president of the Wesleyan Conference, must be distinguished from James Wood (1672-1759) [q. v.].
374 i 2 f.e. Wood, Robert (1717?-1771): after i. 289). insert From 1764 to his death he was groom-porter in the royal household.
380 i 20 f.e. Wood, William (1745-1808): for 1807 read 1809
381 ii 13-12 f.e. Wood, William P., Baron Hatherley: for Robert Monsey Rolfe, first baron Cranworth [q. v.]. read Sir George James Turner [q. v.], who was made lord justice in succession to the newly appointed lord chancellor, Robert Monsey Rolfe, first baron Cranworth [q. v.].
384 ii 23 Woodard, Nathaniel: for 1844 read 1894
2 f.e.
Wooddeson, Richard: for 1823 read 1822
395 i 36-37 Woodford, Sir John G.: for Sir William Colville read Sir Charles Colville
ii 14 f.e. after the service insert in Oct. 1841. He had been made C.B. in 1815 and K.C.B. in 1838
404 ii 26 Woodley, George: for Maclure's read McClure's
412 ii 19-20 Woodville, Anthony, 2nd Earl Rivers: for he is said to have fought at Morat (22 June) for the read he visited (7-8 June) the camp at Morat of the
21 for (Ramsay, ii. 418) read (Kirk's Charles the Bold, iii. 370-1)