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204 i 14 Blackburn, Colin, Baron Blackburn: for Mr. John Edward Eyre read Mr. Edward John Eyre
207 i 13 Blackmore, Richard D.: for vicar read curate in charge
34-35 for His father took pupils . . . and three read Three
39-41 for his mother ... all the servants died. read his mother died of the disease which she contracted while visiting the parish, and others of the household also succumbed.
18f.e. for a living read a curacy
16f.e. for settled in that of Ashford read settled in 1847 as curate in charge at Ashford
11-10f.e. for until a boy of eleven, .... who presently sent him read for several years, and was then sent to a preparatory school at Bruton, in Somerset. Thence he went
5f.e. for now read afterwards
4-2f.e. for who had formerly been a private pupil .... at Longworth. read who had formerly taken, whilst living at Culmstock, lessons from Blackmore's father.
ii 11-14 omit He was also famous .... academic honours.
27-30 omit and, after quitting the university .... Bromley, Kent
33-34 for Miss Lucy .... of Portuguese extraction read Miss Lucy Maguire
40-42 omit At this time he was engaged .... the Middle Temple.
17f.e. for she died read she died on 31 Jan. 1888
6f.e. after ‘Christowell.’insert He was a pupil of John Warner of the Inner Temple and the chancery bar.
208 i 9-10 for and fell back on his old work as a teacher. read by taking up educational work which he never liked and for which he was ill adapted.
10 for 1858 read 1855
209 ii 6 after father. insert Another parson, John Rosedew, in ‘Cradock Nowell,’ is his uncle, the Rev. H. Hey Knight. Perlycross is the home of Blackmore's boyhood, Culmstock.
34 for sixty read seventy
37 for 1885 read 1895
210 i 9 after game of chess insert and whom he introduced into ‘Tommy Upmore’
233 ii 20 Bond, Sir Edward A. : for (1858) read (1868)
238 i 21 Bowen, Charles S. C., Baron Bowen: for rector of Southwark, read perpetual curate of St. Mary Magdalene, Southwark,
239 i 24 for 1888 read 1882
245 ii 43-44 Boyd, Andrew K. H. : for Mr. F. N. Boyd read Mr. F. M. Boyd
257 ii 16f.e. Brand, Sir Henry B. W., 1st Viscount Hampden: after peerage. insert He was a lord of the treasury under Palmerston 17 April 1855 to 1 March 1858.
13-11f.e. for succeeded Sir William .... the treasury. read became parliamentary secretary to the treasury, a post held in the previous liberal administration by Sir William Goodenough Hayter [q. v.].
259 ii 2 Brand, Sir Johannes H. : after opinion. insert In 1882 he accepted the honour of G.C.M.G. in spite of the demurs of the council.
8-13 omit The queen offered him the dignity .... they gave way.
262 i 23 Brassey, Anna or Annie, Baroness Brassey: for at Brisbaneread at sea
265 i 15 Brett, William B., Viscount Esher: for in April 1859 read on the death of Cobden in 1865
16-19 for against Cobden .... Potter [q. v. Suppl.]. read against Cobden's friend Thomas Bayley Potter [q. v. Supp.], but he was defeated.
271 i 7-6f.e. Bright, Sir Charles T. : for a druggist of Bishopsgate Street, London, read a manufacturing chemist of London (of an old Yorkshire stock to which belonged Colonel Sir John Bright, 1619-88 [q. v.]),
ii 4 for Magnetic Company read Magnetic Telegraph Company
for Atlantic Cable Company read Atlantic Telegraph Company
272 i 11 for R. Newall & Co. read R. S. Newall & Co.
34-36 omit Bright was ... the Agamemnon.