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155 i 3 f.e. Cobham, John de, 3rd Lord Cobham: for (1260-1335) read (d. 25 Aug. 1839)

ii 4-6 for His mother's name . . . lord Beauchamp read His mother was Joan,

daughter of Sir John Beauchamp of Stoke-under-Hamden

11-17 for As Henry de Cobham ... his death in 1408 read Dugdale is altogether

wrong. According to the extant brasses in the church at Cobham, where almost all the family are buried, Henry de Cobham died in 1839, and John de Cobham the elder, who was already married in 8 Edward III (1314-15), and an admiral of the fleet in 1385, died 25 Feb. 1354-5

18-88 for The Cobham records . . . died in 1358 or 1359 read The younger John de

Cobham succeeded to his father's estates in 1355. He was first summoned to parliament 20 Sept. 1355. He went to France in 1859 and was made a banneret in 1870

20 f.e. after Rome insert to obtain from Urban V the appointment of William of

Wykeham to the see of Winchester

156 i 9 f.e. for 1408) he seems to have died read 1407-3) he died

Sf.e. after years old insert and was buried in Cobham Church

4 f.e. after 1881 insert (she died in 1395)

l.l. after married insert in 1862

ii 1 after de la Pole insert and died about 1388

4 after widow of insert Her third husband

5 omit is said to have been and after times insert and died 13 Jan. 1433-4 5-6 for One of her husbands read Her fourth husband

10 for another husband read her second husband and for Gerard read


25 for ten read twenty

26 for (1870-1) read (1380-1)

28 for were read on enamelled copper are

29 omit in Hasted's time

24-22 for which have been . . . the above article read The Lords of Cobham and

f- e ' their Monuments, by J. G. Waller, in Archseologia Cantiaua, vol. xi. 64

et seq.

159 ii 30 Cochrane, Sir Alexander F. I. : for Marcotis read Mareotis

84 omit when

35 for was read had been

86 after boroughs insert in 1800 and sat till defeated at the general election in


160 i 1 f.e. for June read Jan.

166 ii 13 f.e. Cochrane, Thomas, 10th Earl of Dundonald : for Just at this time read In June

1806 8f.e. for 13 March 1805 read June 1806

167 2 36 after the 27th. transfer to this place the paragraph as corrected from

page 166, col. ii, lines 13-3 from end.

28 f.e. for by a triumphant majority read unopposed

7 f.e. for at the head of the poll read with

Gf.e. for being his colleague read although with 1,400 fewer votes

after 81 Oct. 1860 insert The reparation was tardily completed on 19 March 1878, when, in accordance with the report of a parliamentary committee, 5,OOOZ. was voted to his grandson, Lord Cochrane, ' in respect of the distin- guished services of his grandfather, the late earl of Dundonald,' but really as an equivalent for Dundoiiald's half- pay during the period of his exclusion from the British navy (Pad. Papers, 1877, NOB. 92,',888 ; Times, 20 March 1878.)

175 ii 4 f.e. Cochrane, Sir Thomas J. : after same station, insert from 1825 to 1834 was governor

of Newfoundland,

-,,. .. 3 f' 6 ' a f ter rear-admiral, insert He was M.P. for Ipswich 1839-41.

n 11 10-9 Cockburn, Sir Alexander J. E. : f or secretary of state in 1806, read under- J ' e ' secretary for war and the colonies 1806-7,

9-8/.e. for in 1811 read from 1811 to 1819

for Columbia read Colombia ii IGf.e. for Dundee read Dundas

after the Bath insert (1878) ii 24 f.e. f or Hatherly read Hatherley