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tical Body of the Church,' from Cambr. Univ. Libr. MS. Gg. iv. 26 ; 'Commentary on 1 Peter,' from Gale's MSS. in Trin. Coll. Cambr. O. 4. 44 (all with Latin text and translation), 1876. The identification of the author oi the commentary on Peter with Colet is very doubtful.

The St. Paul's School statutes drawn up by Colet in 1518 are extant with the author's autograph in the Mercers' Hall archives, and a copy is in the British Museum, Addit. MS. 6274. They have been printed in Knight's ' Life ' and in Rev. R. B. Gardiner's ' Register of St. Paul's School,' 375-88. Colet's revised statutes for St. Paul's Cathedral, presented to Wolsey in 1518, were printed from a chapter manuscript, now lost, by Dugdale in his 'History of St. Paul's,' and are reprinted in Rev. W. Sparrow Simpson's 'Registrum Statutorum Ecclesiae Cathedralis S. Pauli' (1873), pp. 237-48. Dr. Simpson has also printed in the same volume, pp. 446-52, from the Tanner MS. 221 in the Bodleian, the major part of Colet's revised statutes for the fraternity of Jesus at St. Paul's. Pits gives the largest list of Colet's works, and mentions, besides those already described, 'In Proverbia Salomonis;' ' In Evangelium S. Matthsei Lib. i.;' 'Breviloquium dictorum Christi Lib. i.;' 'Excerptiones Doctorum, Lib. i.;' 'Conciones Ordinarise, Lib. i. ; ' 'Conciones Extraordinariae;' 'Epistolse ad Tailerum, Lib. i.' None of these are now known. The 'Ortolanus Lib. i.' and the 'Abbreviationes,' also mentioned by Pits, may perhaps be respectively the apophthegms and abstracts of St. Paul's Epistles in the Gale MS. in Trin. Coll. Cambr. Libr. O. 4. 44. Colet's letters to Erasmus and to the abbot of Winchcombe are in the collected edition of Erasmus's letters. Colet's contributions to the works of Erasmus are mentioned in the article. Most of these are printed in Knight's appendices.

[Erasmus sketched Colet's life, together with that of Jehan Vitrier, in a Latin letter to Justus Jonas of Wittenberg, dated apparently in 1520 (see Erasmi Epistolæ (Leyden), iii. No. ccccxxxv.) The sketch consists almost entirely of personal reminiscences, and is, therefore, far from complete. The portion relating to Colet was translated with notes by Thomas Smith of Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1661, by J. G. Nichols in 1849, and by Mr. W. Palmer in 1851. The whole was translated and edited by the Eev. J. H. Lupton in 1883. Thomas Smith, in 1661, intended to publish some of Colet's treatises, but the plan was abandoned, except as it affected the Convocation Sermon, perhaps after the destruction of St. Paul's School and its library in 1666. John Postlethwayte, high-master of St. Paul's School, who died in 1713, designed a life of Colet, which was never completed. About the same time Dr. White Kennet was making collections for the same purpose, and they filled a folio volume of 181 pages, which is now among, the Lansdowne MSS. (1030) at the British Museum, but before March 1721 other labours compelled Kennet to hand his materials over to Dr. Samuel Knight. Knight's Life appeared in 1724, and was republished with a few additions in 1823. It is a very diffuse book, and treats Colet as a protestant reformer, but it contains a large-mass of information in both text and appendices. In 1867 appeared the first, and in 1869 the second, edition of Mr. Frederic Seebohm's Oxford Reformers, Colet, Erasmus, and More, where a thorough examination of Erasmus's numerous letters to or about Colet, and of most of Colet's sermons and treatises, has enabled the author to present his readers with a very vivid biography. Mr. Lupton, who has kindly revised this article, has just (1887) crowned his labours in connection with Colet by issuing a full biography. Mr. Lupton's imprints of Colet's manuscript treatises, mentioned above, also include some valuable introductory biographical notes, of which full use has been made in the article. The notices of Colet in Wood's Athense Oxon. ed. Bliss, i. 22, in Bale's Scriptores, in Foxe's Acts (1837), iv. 246-8, in Pits, De Rebus Anglicis, in Tanner's Bibliogr., in Holland's Heroologi a Anglica, p. 155 f and in Fuller's Abel Redivivus, are based almost entirely on Erasmus's letters to Jonas, with occasional supplements from the scanty memoranda of Polydore Vergil and Leland. The long notice in the Biog. Brit. (Kippis) is an abstract of Knight's Life. For the bibliography the Rev. J. H. Lupton's Appendix to his imprint of Colet's Letters on the Mosaic Creation should be consulted, and the Introduction and Appendices to Mr. R. B. Gardiner's Register of St. Paul's School, 1884, are valuable. Among the manuscripts in the Chapter House of St. Paul's are an account of the expenses incurred by Colet in a visitation of the chapter's property in 1506, a copy of Colet's will, and a bill addressed to him by a glazier for glazing the windows of his father's house at Stepney, and emblazoning the arms of the Mercers' Company in one of the windows : see, Hist. MSS. Comm. 9th Rep. 44 a, 48 b, 51 a.]

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COLEY, HENRY (1633–1695?), mathematician and astrologer, was born, as we are told by an inscription round a portrait of him by White, found in some of his works, on 18 Oct. 1633, at Oxford. His horoscope is given, with careful readings, in Selby's 'Occult Sciences' (London, 1790, 2 vols. 4to), and in a work by J. Kendal entitled 'Χρονομετρία, or the measure of time by directions, practically illustrated in the geniture of Mr. Henry Coley' (London, 1684, 8vo). In 1644 he narrowly escaped death by the plague. In 1655 he married his first wife, by whom he had one child, and in 1660 he married again, and became the father