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8vo ; 2nd ed. same year (R. xix.) 78. 'Account of a Society for the Relief of the Industrious Poor,' &c., Birmingham, 1787, 8vo (R. xxv.) 79. 'Letters to ... Burke, occasioned by his Reflections on the Revolution in France,' &c., Birmingham, 1791, 8vo ; three editions same year (R. xxii.) 80. 'A Political Dialogue on the General Principles of Government,' &c., 1791, 8vo ; (anon.) (R. xxv.) 81. 'An Appeal to the Public, on ... the Riots in Birmingham,' &c., pt. i. Birmingham, 1791, 8vo ; pt. ii. London, 1792, 8vo (R. xix.) 82. ' Letters to the Inhabitants of Northumberland,' &c., Northumberland, 1799, 8vo, 2 pts. ; 2nd ed. with additions, Philadelphia, 1801, 8vo (R. xxv.)

V. Psychological and Metaphysical. 83. 'An Examination? of ... Reid . . . Beattie ... and ..." Oswald,' &c., 1774, 8vo ; 2nd ed. 1775, 8vo (R. iii.) 84. 'Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind . . . with Essays,' &c., 1775, 8vo ; 2nd ed. 1790, 8vo (R. iii.) 85. 'Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit,' &c., 1777, 8vo ; 2nd ed. (including Nos. 86 and 87), Birmingham, 1782, 8vo, 2 vols. (R. iii.) 86. ' The Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity, illustrated,' &c., 1777, 8vo (R. iii.) 87. 'A Free Discussion of . . . Materialism and Philosophical Necessity . . . between Dr. Price and Dr. Priestley,' &c., 1778, 8vo (R. iii.) 88. 'A Letter to . . . John Palmer,' &c., Bath, 1779, 8vo, in defence of No. 82 ; 'A Second Letter,' Lon- don, 1780, 8vo (R. iv.) 89. 'A Letter to Jacob Bryant ... in Defence of Philosophical Necessity,' &c., 1780, 8vo; also Birmingham, 1780, 8vo (R. iv.) In 1790 he prefaced an edition of Collins on 'Human Liberty.'

[Priestley's Memoirs to 1787 were written by himself at Birmingham, and survived the destruction of his papers in 1791 ; at Northumberland he added a brief continuation to 24 March 1795; the work was edited, with a supplementary narrative, by his son Joseph, in 1805 ; the best edition is by Cooper and Christie. 1806, 2 vols., but the references above are to the Memoirs and Correspondence, 1831-2, 2 vols., by Rutt, who includes the whole of the original memoirs, with extracts from all letters written by or to Priestley that he could collect ; the son, carrying out what he believed to be his father's wish, withheld the correspondence in his hands; some of this is still at the family residence, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, and has not been made public. The originals of most of the letters in Rutt, with other and unpublished letters, are preserved in Dr. Williams's Library. Extracts from earlier letters recovered by Henry Arthur Bright [q. v.] are printed in the Christian Reformer, 1854, pp. 625 sq. Letters from the Canton Papers are printed in Weld's History of the Royal Society, 1848, i. 513, ii. 51 sq. ; and in communications by Augustus De Morgan [q. v.] to the Athenaeum, 1849, pp. 5, 162, 375. Letters to James Watt are printed in Muirhead's Correspondence of Watt, 1846 ; letters to the Wedgwoods and Keir are described in Wilson's Life of Cavendish, 1846, pp. 90 sq. ; extracts from a volume of letters in the Warrington Library are printed in the Christian Reformer, 1851, pp. 110, 129, 202; letters at Eden Lodge, Kensington Gore, are described in the Athenæum, 1860, pp. 343, 376; the collection of scientific correspondence, edited by Carrington Bolton, 1892, is not exhaustive. Of notices published in his lifetime the most important are: A Small Whole-Length of Dr. Priestley from his Printed Works, 1792 (the British Museum copy has manuscript notes by Priestley himself and two other hands) ; the Character of Dr. Priestley [1794] ; and a sketch in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors of Great Britain, 1798, i. 164 sq. Funeral sermons are very numerous ; those by Edwards and Toulmin are of service, also Christie's speech at the funeral, 1804, and a memorial sermon by Kentish, 1833. The earliest complete biography is 'A Short Sketch' in the Universal Theological Magazine, April 1804 (portrait), which contains particulars not found elsewhere, including the first draft of his son's account of his last days. The ' life ' by John Aikin in the General Biography (vol. viii.) is reprinted in the Monthly Repository, January 181 5 (portrait), with copious notes by Rutt. Other biographies are by John Corry [q. v.], 1804 (gives personal reminiscence, and good gossip by an old servant) ; and William B. Sprague, D.D., in Annals of the American Unitarian Pulpit, 1865, pp. 298 sq. (gives valuable particulars of his American life, written in 1849 by Hugh Bellas, who knew him personally). For his ancestry see Account of a Visit to Birstal, by Samuel Parkes [q. v.], in the Monthly Repository, 1816, pp. 274 sq. ; Miall's Congregationalism in Yorkshire, 1868, p. 272 ; Heywood and Dickenson's Nonconformist Register (Turner), 1881, p. 220; Some Memoirs concerning the Family of the Priestleys (Surtees Soc.), 1886; Peel's Nonconformity in Spen Valley, 1891, pp. 89 sq. Appended to the funeral sermon, 1804, by his brother Timothy, are valuable particulars of his early life. Among authorities for later points are Orton's Letters to Dissenting Ministers, 1806, i. 201 ; Barnes's Funeral Sermon for Threlkeld, 1806; Monthly Repository, 1822, p. 163 (list of Ash worth's pupils); Wreford's Sketch of Nonconformity in Birmingham, 1832 ; Christian Reformer, 1833, pp. 142, 169; Wicksteed's Memory of the Just, 1849, pp. 53 sq. (ministry at Leeds) ; Catalogue of Edinburgh Graduates, 1858, p. 257 ; Hankin's Life of Mary Ann Schimmelpenninck, 1858; Bright's His- torical Sketch of Warrington Academy, 1859, pp. 5 sq. (cf. Monthly Repository, 1813, 1814); Yates's Memorials of Dr. Priestley [1860] ; Ur- wick's Nonconformity in Cheshire, 1864, p. 133 ; Browne's Hist. Congr. Norf. and Suff. 1877, pp.