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1659–60). Scobell died in 1660, his will being proved on 29 Sept. in that year. His wife, Jane Scobell, survived him without issue.

Scobell was the author of: 1. ‘A Collection of several Acts of Parliament, 1648–1651,’ 1651. 2. ‘Memorials of Method and Manner of Proceedings of Parliament in passing Bills,’ by H. S. E. C. P. [i.e. Henry Scobell, Esquire, Clerk of Parliament], 1656; reissued in 1658, 1670, and again at Dublin in 1692. 3. ‘Remembrances of some Methods, Orders, and Proceedings of House of Lords,’ by H. S. E. C. P., 1657; and with ‘Priviledges of the Baronage of England,’ collected by John Selden, 1689. 4. ‘Collection of Acts and Ordinances from 3 Nov. 1640 to 17 Sept. 1656,’ 2 parts, London, 1658 and 1657; this is a continuation of Ferdinando Pulton's collection of statutes; a supplement and continuation of it, with Scobell's manuscript notes and corrections and with manuscript additions, is in the Forster library at South Kensington.

A tract, signed H. S., and attributed to Scobell, on the ‘Power of Lords and Commons in Parliament in Points of Judicature,’ 1680, is reprinted in the ‘Somers Tracts’ (1752 ed. vol. ii., and 1809 ed. vol. viii.). Many letters to him, mostly relating to the condition of the independent and presbyterian ministers, are in Peck's ‘Desiderata Curiosa’ (ii. 491–512). He is sometimes represented in the caricatures of the day.

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