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ALL rights on the essays in this work are reserved by the holders of the copyright. The publishers named in the subjoined list are the proprietors, either in their own right, or as agents for the author of the Essays of which the titles are given below, and of which the ownership is thus specifically noted. The Yale University Press makes grateful acknowledgment to the Publishers whose names appear below for their courteous permission to include in the present work the Essays of which they were the original publishers.

Yale University Press

The Cosmopolitan: "First Steps toward a Millennium." The Independent: "Is Liberty a Lost Blessing?" "Who is Free? Is it the Savage?" "Who is Free? Is it the Civilized Man?" "Who is Free? Is it the Millionaire?" "Who is Free? Is it the Tramp?" "Liberty and Responsibility," "Liberty and Law," "Liberty and Discipline," "Liberty and Property," "Liberty and Opportunity," "Liberty and Labor," "Does Labor Brutalize?" "Liberty and Machinery," "The Disappointment of Liberty," "Some Points in the New Social Creed," "An Examination of a Noble Sentiment," "The Banquet of Life," "Some Natural Rights," "The Abolition of Poverty," "The Boon of Nature," "Land Monopoly," "A Group of Natural Monopolies," "Another Chapter on Monopoly," "The Family Monopoly," "The Family and Property,"