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Air——Bonnets sae Blue.

Come all my brave fellows, sad listen a while,
I’ll tell yon the way that they did us beguiie;
The King’s Lyon-Herald from Edinburgh did come,
And straight to Coalsnaughton the rascals did run.

They came to my mothers, and guarded all-round,
They thought we would run but the contrar’ they found;
So straight down to Alloa we came all away,
To Ramsay’s in the Tontine, and made no delay.

Being innocent all, no harm we thought on;
But came down to Alloa, before Mr. Horn,
The same who is Agent for the Excise-Law,
We made no delay, so we all came awa(illegible text)

But had we but known what Warrand they had,
We would not gone with them, but given them the bag;
But since Fortune has said it t(illegible text) let it be so,
From the Tontine to Stirling in coaches we'll go.

The seventeenth of April our trial we did (illegible text),
Before Lords and Jury, that honourable band;
But for all the false oaths that were going that day,
I would have come off, had I gotten fair play.