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But D—n, the rascal, he forward did come,
And gave in two letters, to get us undone;
Before the Lords they were laid, and shown most rare,
That we fished for salmon, and shot at the hare.

There’s D—n and R—t, and J—s, as you see,
They perjur’d themselves for the ruin of me;
But the day it is coming when judged they’ll be;
And it will be shown them they swore to a lie.

D—n was examin’d, and he did declare,
That th(illegible text) Still and the malt in the Store up-laid were;
But Peter the gardener, that very same day,
Did carry the Still to Muircoat straight away.

But it’s needless for me to say what I could tell,
If they don’t get repentance, the worse for themsel’,
So I’d have them to pray wherever they be,
For the unfounded falsehoods they swore against me.

But praying, I think, is what they wont do,
And therefore I wish for ill trade to the crew;
But may Heaven, with pity, look down on the three,
And grant them repentance, and grace that is free.

And now, my dear friends, I bid you farewel,
My (illegible text)‘s grown to weary no more will she tell;
But the story I have told you, I’m sure it is true,
And I’ll comeback and see you when time will allow.