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Carry this back 只物挈轉去 Chi muĕ khiĕ tung khur
Come, go with me 來同我去 Lai,tang ua khur
Come, let's play 來、來去耍 Lai,lai khur sung
Carry this up stairs 只物挈去樓頂 Chi muĕ khiĕ khur laou-teng
Come another day 下日來 E-jit lai
Carry this to the teacher 只物還先生 Chi muĕ,hai sin-sey
Don't fall 勿仆 Mai poă
Do it yourself 爾自己去做 Lur ka-ki chaw
Don't stay long 免等候久 Mien teng haou ku
Don't make a noise 勿嚷 Mai jiang
Don't be afraid 免用驚 Mien eng kia
Do it well 做好好 Chaw haw haw
Don't play outside 勿去外耍 Mai khur goa sung
Do you smoke? 爾有食芬麽 Lur u chiă hun,baw
Do it over again 另換做過 Leng-ua chaw kuay
Do you know him? 爾共伊相識麽 Lur kang i sie pat,baw
Did you call me 爾有呌我麽 Lur ham ua,baw
Do you like fruit? 爾好食菓子麽 Lur haou chiă kuey-chi,baw
Don't touch that 勿摸彼物 Mai mong hur muĕ
Don't come here again 下日勿再來止 E-jit mai chai lai chi