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Go home 去厝 Khur chu
Go down 去下 Kkur ey
Go slowly 緩緩行 Man man kia
Go to bed 去睡 Khur goot
Get up quickly 快快走起 Khuey khuey chaou khi
Give that to me 此物還我 Chi muĕ hai ua
Go and help him 去輔伊 Khur hu i
Give it back to him 挈轉還伊 Khiĕ tung hai i
How old are you 爾若多歲 Lur jiĕ choi huey
Have you any more 還有加麽 Huan u key,mĕ
He is a bad man 伊是獃人 I si pai nang
He is always for play 伊常常欲耍 I sie sie ai sung
His father is very poor 伊亞父窮極 I a pey,keng chai
He won't come 伊不肯來 I mʼkheng lai
He is very lazy 伊懶惰極 I pan-toa chai
Has your brother recovered 爾亞弟痊愈否 Lur a-ti chuan-ju,bue
How much money have you 爾有若多銀 Lur u jiĕ choi gnurn
How long have you lived here 爾住此若久 Lur toa chi jiĕ-ku
He did not come to-day 今日伊無來 Kim-jit i baw lai
He cares for nobody 伊不畏人 I mʼui nang