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Kill that snake 打死彼蛇 Pă-si hur cʼhua
Lock the door 鎻門 Saw mung
Love your enemies 愛爾仇敵 Ai lur chiw tek
Lift up this box 此箱挈起來 Chi sie,kiĕ ki lai
Lend me a dollar 銀一圓借我 Gnurn chek kʼhou,chiĕ ua
Look on your book 目珠看冊 Măk-chiw toi chĕ
Listen to what I say 爾聽我講 Lur thia ua kong
May I go home 我欲來去厝 Ua ai lai khur chu
Make haste back 猛猛轉來 Mey-mey tung lai
My eyes are sore 我目珠痛 Ua măk-chiw tʼhia
My pen is not good 我筆不好 Ua pit mʼhaw
My father is dead 我亞父死了 Ua kai a-pey si liou
Not yet 未嘗 Bue cheng
Not always 非常 Hui sie
Never mind 無相干 Baw siang kan
Nobody knows it 無人知 Baw nang chai
Nail this board 釘此枋 Teng chi pang
One man has come 一人來了 Chek nang lai liou
One spoon is missing 湯匙一枝不見 Tung-si chek ki mʼkien
Only one true God 獨一眞神 Tok it chin sin