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[English books published in London, French books in Paris,
unless otherwise mentioned.

Aislinge Meic Conglinne. The Vision of MacConglinne. A Middle-Irish Wonder-tale. Edited, with a translation (based on W. M. Hennessy's), notes, and glossary, by Kuno Meyer. With an Introduction by W. Wollner. Crown 8vo. liv, 212 pp. D. Nutt.
Bain (R. Nesbit). Russian Fairy Tales, illustrated by C. M. Gere. Demy 8vo. Laurence and Bullen.
Baring-Gould (Rev. S.). Strange Survivals. Some Chapters in the History of Man. Crown 8vo. 285 pp. Methuen and Co.
Beauchamp (W. M.). The Iroquois Trail, or Footprints of the Six Nations in Custom, Tradition, and History; in which are included David Cusick's Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations. 8vo. 150 pp. Fayetteville (New York).
Bent (J. Th.). The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland. With a chapter on the Orientation and Mensuration of the Temples, by R. M. W. Swan. 8vo. xii, 375 pp. Map and Illustrations. Longmans.
Catullus. The Attis. Edited and translated into English verse, with dissertations on the Myth of Attis, on the Origin of Tree-Worship, and on the Galliambic Metre, by Grant Allen. Crown 8vo. xiv, 154 pp. D. Nutt.

(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Vol. VI of Bibliotheque de Carabas.

Dargum (L. v.). Mutterrecht und Vaterrecht. Part I: Die Grundlagen. 8vo. 155 pp. Duncker und Humblot (Leipzig).

(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Part I of Studien zur ältesten Familienrecht.

Denham Tracts. A collection of Folk-lore by Michael Aislabie Denham, and reprinted from the original tracts and pamphlets printed by Mr. Denham between 1846 and 1859. Edited by Dr. James Hardy. Vol. i. 8vo. xii, 368 pp. (F.-L. S. publication No. xxix.)