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An Evening Meeting was held at 22, Albemarle Street, W., on Wednesday, March 15th, 1893; the President (Mr. G. L. Gomme) in the chair.

The following new members were elected, viz. : Mr. Goddard, Mr. H. Orpen, Dr. J. Todhunter, and Mr. D. Fitzgerald.

Mrs. Gomme exhibited the following objects : — (1) A carnival-mask from Verona ; (2) A trumpet from Rome ; and (3) A cake bought from a stall of similar cakes at Frascati on the Eve of the Epiphany.

Mr. W. H. D. Rouse, who kindly presents the two former objects to the Society's proposed Museum, writes as to the trumpet : — " On the evening of the Eve of the Epiphany a fair is held at Rome in the Piazza Navona. The proper thing for everybody to do is to buy one of these horns or trumpets, and blow it with all his might. They parade the streets to the sound of it, often carrying grotesque lay figures, which they move by means of strings." As to the cake, which was also sent by Mr. Rouse, he says "he believes the shape to be traditional, although animals and the same cakes were for sale elsewhere, because, at one shop in Geuzdas near by, a stall of these cakes was presided over by a life-size figure of a woman with curious open bosom to the dress like the cake."

Mr. Clodd read a short paper by Mr. Nutt, entitled "Cinderella in Britain", and in the discussion which followed Dr. Furnivall, Dr. Gaster, Messrs. Jacobs, Higgens, and Clodd, and the President took part.

Mr. Leland L. Duncan read a paper on " The Folk-lore of Co. Leitrim", and exhibited a map of the county and some photographs of the natives, and of the country around Kiltubrid and