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488 The Edinburgh Dinnshenchas.

Bairche, the famous cowherd, Who belonged to very mighty Ross the Red : The peak was the soft seat of the herdsman, Who was not weak against sadness.

Also in BB. 403 a; H. 64 a ; Lee. 512 b; and R. 118 b 2. See also Silva Gadelica, li, 527. BB. , H., and Lee. add the following:

Aliter, liennAn mac niBricc, hind romarb Ibelmac Manannan i ndul coa mhnai .1. Leccon bigen Lodair a hainm sen, cuniA he sin fath darroleic Manan«a« a Iri lomniand cumad dia cridiu .1. Loch Ruide, 'Loch Cuan, 'Loch Dachsech, 7 romarb Bendan iarsin ior a benn ut. Unde Benn Yienjiaiti dicitur.

"Otherwise : Bennan, son of Brec : thereon he killed Ibel, son of Manannan, for going to his wife, whose name was Leccon, daughter of Lodar. So this was the cause why Manannan cast from his heart his three draughts of grief, (which became) Loch Ruide, Strangford Lough, Waterford Harbour. And he after- wards killed Bennan on yon peak. Hence it is called Benn Bennain, " Bennan's Peak."

Beanna Boirche, the Peaks of Boirche, "is still applied to that part of the Mourne Mountains, in the county of Down, in which the river Bann has its source," Four Masters, 1493, notey.

Lock Ruide not identified.

Ross Ruad-buide {or Rigbuide, "yellow-forearmed"), King of U laid in the third century.

[70. Traig Tuirbl] — Traig Tuirbe, cidh dia ta? Ni ansa.

Turbe Traghmar, athair Gobain sair, [is e rodon-seilb. Is on forbbai — BB.'] is e focheirdeadh a urchur dia biaiP i- Telaigh Bela inaghaidh in tuile, co «-ergaradh in fairrgi [^ ni tuidchead tairis — BB.\ Ocics ni feas a geinelach^ ar/z/masa dinibh teasbadhchaibh ?esa dana atrulHath a Temraigh ria Sam-ildanach fail i ndiamraib Breagh. Un^^ Traig Tuir^ye.

Tuirbe tragmar* ba fear feimh,^ athair Gobain go nglainmhein, ni fes a geinelach'^' gle : uad ainmnigt//^r Traig Turbe.

Traig Tuirbi, whence is it?

Not hard (to say). Tuirbe Tragmar, father of Gobban the Wright, 'tis he that owned it. 'Tis from that heritage he, (standing) on Telach Bela ("the Hill of the Axe"), would hurl a cast of his axe in the face of the floodtide, so that he forbade the sea, which then would not come over the axe. And his pedigree is not known, unless he be one of the defectives of the men of art who fled out of Tara before Samildanach, (and whose posterity) is in the secret parts of Bregia. Whence Traig Tuirbi, "Turbe's Strand."

' MS. biailli. ^ MS. ai. ^ ms. geinedhlach. * MS. tradmar. '•' fcimh \\e.g./eiinh .^] negligent, neglectful, O'Reilly. " MS.