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The Edinburgh Dinnshenchas.

Diancecht brought with him hither
Every herb from precious[1] Lusmag
To the well of the little healths,
North-west of Moytura.

Also in BB. 406 a; H. 44 b; Lee. 488 a; and R. 112 b 2.

Lusmag, "Herb-plain," now perhaps Lusmagh in King's County. The Achad Abla, "Field of the Apple-tree," here mentioned, has not, so far as I know, been identified. Northern Magh Tuiredh, the battlefield here mentioned, is now a townland in the barony of Tirerrell, co. of Sligo. For a romantic account of the battle, see Revue Celtique, xii, 56-110. The healing-well is mentioned ibid., pp. 94, 96.

[72. Benn Codail.]—Beand Codhail can a[s] rohainmnigeadh? Ni ansa.

Codhol Coirrchicheach is e rob[2] aide do Eirind diata Inis Erenn, (Symbol missingsymbol characters) is ann tairbreadh a dalta for in beind ud, (Symbol missingsymbol characters) nach tairbert dobeiread furri conogbhadh in talamh foaib, (Symbol missingsymbol characters) mairberead Eiriu atumadar suas go tiagat a goth gæithe fu domhnaib a cluass man[i]abrad (sí) sin (Symbol missingsymbol characters) nofhasfadh gomadh reil Eire uile as, (Symbol missingsymbol characters) an la domela comarba Erenn no rí Temrach tuara Codhail ní d'enlaith d'fíaduch[3] di iasc, forbraid a ghal (Symbol missingsymbol characters) a slainte. Unde Beand Codhail.

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Codhal Coirrchicheach go n-aibh
topghais Erind abradchain,
manbadh Eriu cæmh monur
cia cia bad leiriu cæmhchodhul.

Benn Codail, whence was it named?

Not hard (to say). Codal, the Round-breasted, 'tis he that was fosterer to Eriu, from whom is the island of Erin, and on yon peak he used to feed (?) his fosterling, and with every . . . . he would put upon her the ground would rise up under them, and Eriu . . . . And the day that Erin's coarb (successor) or Tara's king shall partake of Codal's food, or aught of birds or venison or fish, his valour and his health increase. Whence Benn Codail, "Codal's Peak."

The rest of the prose, and the quatrain, are so corrupt and obscure in the Edinburgh codex and the other MSS. (BB. 406 a; H. 13 b; L. 516 a; and R. 121 a 1) that I do not venture to translate them.

Benn Codail has not been identified.

Eriu is perhaps the queen of the Tuatha Dé Danann, mentioned in LL. 10 a, and O'Mahony's Keating, pp. 82, 141, 198.

[73. Tlachtga.]—Tlachtgha canas rohainmnigheadh? Ni ansa.

Tlachtgha ingean Mogha[4] Roith fordos-reibleangadar tri meic Simoin druadh[5] dia luidh le hat[h]air da foglaim druidhechta i

  1. luaigne (Symbol missingsymbol characters) logmar, O'Dav.
  2. MS. romb.
  3. MS. dfíaguch, the f inserted by the corrector.
  4. MS. modha.
  5. MS. druagh.