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Notes and News.

lishers are appealing for subscriptions to enable them to continue the publication. They desire to form a fund by means of subscriptions of £2 per annum for this purpose. A contribution of this sum will entitle every subscriber to a copy of the Archiv, and of all supplements published during the year. A supplement is generally published every year, varying in price according to its size ; and to ordinary subscribers this price is in addition to the cost of the Archiv. The ordinary subscription is £1 1s. (£1 2s. 6d., post free) plus the supplement.

Dr. Krauss, the editor of Am-Urquell, is also appealing in a similar way for help to continue that periodical. Its principal value to folk-lore students lies in the details it publishes on the customs and beliefs of the various peoples of the Austrian Empire, which are but little known in England. The ordinary annual subscription is 5s. post free. Any additional help to the special fund recently started will also be welcomed.

We desire to commend both these periodicals to the notice of English students. It would be a loss to science if they were to be discontinued. Mr. David Nutt will be glad to take charge of subscriptions, either to the periodicals themselves or to the special funds.