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Seager (H. W.). Natural History in Shakespeare's Time : being Extracts illustrative of the Subject as he knew it. Elliot Stock. 1896. 8vo. viii., 358 pp.

Simpson (W.). The Orientation or Direction of Temples. Quatuor Coronati Lodge. 8vo. 48 pp. [One of those investiga- tions into subjects connected with Freemasonry for which the Quatuor Coronati Lodge was formed. This is not the first contribution Mr. Simpson has made to subjects of interest and importance to the student of folklore. Among others may be mentioned his curious monograph on Sikh Initiation^ as deserving the attention of anthropologists. The present pamphlet, a copy of which he has kindly presented to the Society, contains an accumulation of facts which can- not be passed over in the study of at least the higher pagan- ism. Occasionally, however, as must happen to everybody, his authorities are not first-hand. The practices in con- nection with the proclamation of a modern Eisteddfod are, for example, very poor evidence " that the east and the sun held a high importance in Druidic rites." Probably they did so, but the evidence must be sought elsewhere.]


The Contents of Periodicals exclusively devoted to Folklore are not noted.

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