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Minutes of Meeting. 195

Killery, West Galway, supposed to be for the spirits of the dead to smoke, collected by Mr. H. R. Welch, of Belfast.

Mr. Raynbird then gave an address on " The Folklore of the Uraons;" and a discussion followed, in which the President, Mr. Hartland, Miss Dempster, and Mr. Gomme took part. At the conclusion of the discussion a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Raynbird.

Miss Dempster exhibited a necklace purchased by her from a woman who told her fortune in Algeria. She also recounted a superstition she had met with in the East End of London whereby a father considered it a piece of ill-luck that his firstborn should have been a boy. To have secured good luck his firstborn should have been a girl, who in her turn should have been the mother of a boy. Mr. Emslie mentioned a similar superstition of which he had heard from his mother.

Mrs. Tabor exhibited an ancient lamp from the Shetlands, and a bag containing a shell taken from a mummy brought from Peru.

The following papers were also read : " Some Country Remedies and their Uses," by Mr. John H. Barbour; " Four Yorkshire Folktales," by Mr. S. O. Addy ; and " Fairies of the Fairy Knoll of Caipighill," by the Rev. M. McPhail.

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