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Giants, Greek, 274, possible origin of idea of, 277, land of, Thor's visit to, 290 Giddiness, cure for, 387 Gifts, not sacrificial, to spirits, 143 Gipsy folklore, a curse, 377) in

India, 224 Girls, born on Christmas Eve, may be witches, 2, are not maidens, 9, lucky as firstborn, 195 Glaive of Light, object of wonder- journey, 299, or gift preceding it, 302 Glam, an Indian parallel to, 199 " Glarre poultice," for corns, 389 Gloucestershire, bird folklore of, 376 Gnostic idea of the serpent-woman,

28s Goblins, in India, 200 God, African idea of, 141, definition of a, 65, and death, 275, and the Saints in modern Greek folklore,


Godden, Miss G. M., 333, 340, 342

Goddesses changed into gods, 263,

Gods, (^see also Idols and Images), most useful when stolen, 355, threatened by worshippers, 339

Gollancz, (Hermann), (^translators. The History of Sindban and the Seven Wise Masters, 99

Gold, fairy, 379, in medicinal folk- lore, 387

Golden, apples and dragon-guard, 275, bird, object of wonder-jour- ney, 299, citron-tree and lion- guards, 275, fleece, object of won- der-journey, 299

Goldermerstein, L. , The Ten Wazirs, 76, The Part played by Water in Marriage Customs, 84

Gomme, G. L., cited 308

' Good people,' euphemism for fairies, 285

Gorakhpur, North India, birth of a god at, 331

Gorgons, the, 275

Gramadevata, or village god, as pot- god, 352

Grass, rubbed on gums to cure tooth- cutting pains, 388

Grateful Ghost, Sir Amadas, com- pared with Orendel, 295

Gray Coat, {see Holy Coat of Treves) in Orendel, 290, 292

Grease as a sign of fasting, 333

Greece, eschatology of, 369, folklore

of, Achilles in the White Island, 197, vampires, 199

Greek Art, in relation to idolatry, 325, 326, cults, 260, culture, 278, folk- songs and folktales, 272, formulse for god-compulsion, 339 {and see Greek below)

Greek Folk- Poesy, Annotated transla- tions from the whole Cycle oj Romaic Folk- Verse and Folk-Prose, by Lucy M. J. Garnett, edited with Essays on the Science of Folklore, Greek Folk-Speech, and the Sur- vival of Paganism, by J. S. Stuart- Glennie, reviewed, 272

Greek, modern parallels to well- known folk-tales, 274-276, myths, development of, 51, in relation to happy otherworld and re-birth, 368, parallels to fairies, 36, 46, and pre-Christian Irish culture contrasted, 367, 369, proverb on fairy gold, 379, temples, actual abodes of the gods, 335, conceal- ment of images, in, 344, year, lunar, 354

Green, colour of fairy garments, 380

'• Green Garters," Oxfordshire morris- dancers' song, 318, words and air 320

" Greensleeves," or " Bacca Pipes' Jig," Oxfordshire morris-dancers' song, 318, words and air, 323

Gregor, Rev. Dr., Obituary of, 188

Griffis, Dr. W. G. on Japanese god- punishment, 339

Grimm, J. {see also Binding of a God) referred to, on Orendel, 291, on Rapunzel, 299

Groa, wife of Orvendill, 290, 293,

Grogaldr, Icelandic poem cited, 302

Gromwell seeds, a cure for stone, 387

Groot, Prof. De, cited on Chinese funeral customs, 201

Grote, G., on the true character of a Greek temple, 335

Grundtvig, S. , on the Svipdag story, 299, 30I) 302, 303, 304

Guinevere, instance of change of theme in tale, 300

Guinglain, classified, 299

Guisers, 70

Hailey, Oxfordshire, Whit-hunt at,

311 Hair, human, in relation to witch- craft, 3, 4, 7, and to cures, 187,