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' Ragman,' the, wardrobe-man of

Oxfordshire morris-dancers, 317 Rainbow, the, in Brittany, 238, and

Bosnia, 239 Rajpulana, 336 Ram, connected with Aphrodite and

Ilermcs, 264 Rama, Hindu divinity, 329 Ranunculus acris, pulp of, as cure for

tuberculosis, 388 Rapunzel and parallel tales, 299 Ravana, and the Lingam at Vaidya-

natha, 338 Ravilloles, the cockchafer joke at,


Re-birth or re-incarnation, 49, 136, 143, 365, Greek and Irish idea contrasted, 366, 368

Recognition amongst witches, 2

Red diseases, cures for, 386, 387

Red race of America, myths and origin of, 57, tales, 59

  • Red Roger ' (herb) as cure for nose-

bleeding, 387

Red-haired people unlucky to meet, 14, have the Evil Eye, 16

Reed, a, as dwelling for departed soul, 334

Reflection of food in mirror to avert demons, 330

Religion, its alleged origin and main element, 338, a social secretion, history and students of, 370

Religion of the Semites, by Dr. Robertson Smith, quoted, 325, 331

Religions of Japan, by Dr. W. E. Griffis, cited, 339

Reliquary and Illustrated Archaeo- logist, referred to on peeling-horns,

3" . , .

Renaissance period, its outcome in

various countries, 32, 52

Reviews, The llireshold Covenant,

or the Beginning of Religious

Rites, by Dr. 11. Clay Trumbull,

54 ; Yorkshire Writers, Richard

Rolle of Hatnpole, an English

Father of the Church and his

Followers, edited by C. Ilorstman,

56 ; Australian Legendary Tales: Folklore of the Noongahburrahs as told to the Piccaninnies, collected by Mrs. K. Langloh Parker, with Introduction by Andrew Lang, 56;

The Myths of the Netv World: A

Treatise on the Symbolism atid

Mythology of the Red Race of

America, by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton, 57 ; hidianische Sagen 7'on der Nord- Pacifischen Kiiste Amerikas, von Prof. Franz Boas, 59 > ^-^ Novelle Indiane di Visnusarma, ( Panciatantra)^ tradotte dal Sans- crito da Italo Pizzi, 62 ; Att Intro- duction to the History of Religion, by Dr. Frank Byron Jevons, 63; Contributions to the Science of Mythology, by the Rt. Hon. Prof. F. Max Muller, 152 ; Braun- schweiger Volkskunde, von Richard Andree, 157 ; Legendes ct Curio- sites des Metiers, par Paul Sebil- lot, 158 ; Der Textus Omatior der Cukasaptati: ein Beitrag zur Mdr- chenkunde, von Richard Schmidt, 160; Die Sociale Gliederung im Nordostlichen Indien zu Buddha's Zeit, mit besondcrer Beriicksichti- gung der Kastenfragc, von Richard Fick, 161 ; Travels in West Africa : Congo Fran^ais, Corisco, and Cameroons, by Mary H. Kingsley, 162 ; Maori Tales and Legends collected and retold by Kate McCosh Clark, 165; Demeter nnd Baubo : Versuch einer Thcoric der Entstehung unsres Ackerbaus, von Ed. Hahn, 167 ; Origines Judaictt. An i^iquiry into Heathen Faiths as affecting the Birth and Groivth of fudaism, by Dr. W. F. Cobb, 168 ; Hebrew Idolatry and Superstition : its Place in Folk- lore, by Elford Iliggens, 171 ; The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo, based chiefly on the MSS. of the late Hugh Brooke Low, (Sarawak Government Ser- vice), by Henry Ling Roth, 171 ; The Jdtaka, edited by Prof. E. E. Cowell, vols. ii. and iii., 257 ; The Cults of the Greek States, by L. R. Farnell, vols. i. and ii., 260 ; Transactions of the Japan Society. The Nihongi or Chronicles of Japaji, translated by W. G. Aston, 266 ; The Book of Won- der Voyages, edited by Joseph Jacobs, 266 ; The North- Western Provinces of India, their History, Ethnology, and Administration, by W. Crooke, 267 ; The Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India, by W. Crooke, 269 ; Greek,