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Balochi Tales.

Concluded from Vol. iv., p. 528.) XIX.

A Legend of Nadir Shah.

[Nadir Shah invaded Northern India and overthrew the Em- peror Muhammad Shah in a.d. 1739. On his return journey to his own country by way of the Bolan Pass he came in contact with the Sarai or Kalhora ruler of Sindh. Khudayar Khan was at that time the Kalhora chief. His son Ghulam Shah was on a subsequent occasion attacked by Ahmad Shah Durrani, who succeeded to Nadir Shah's power in Afghanistan and the Indus Valley. The two invasions are mixed up in this narrative.]

There was a King of Dehli named Muhammad Shah Chughatta, and in his father's time Sa'adullah had been Wazir. He was also Wazir at first under Muhammad Shah, but afterwards Muhammad Shah appointed a new Wazir. One day Muhammad Shah was sitting on his throne and the new Wazir was sitting below him when Sa'adullah came in to pay his respects. The custom of the Wazirs was to come in and join their hands and salaam, and then turn round and go and sit in their appointed places. Sa'adullah after making his salaam turned round and went to his place. The King and the new Wazir laughed at him and said : " He turned round just like a monkey." Sa'adullah caught what they were saying, and he said : " I was Wazir in your father's time, and now you say I am like a monkey. I swear to God I will make monkeys dance for you on the battlements of Dehli." He then wrote to Nadir Shah : " Dehli is deserted ; come, strike, and take it. Only one man will resist you, Muhammad Shah's Wazir, who will ride on an elephant's howdah, and draw his sword on you." Nadir Shah thereupon started, and came to Hindustan and attacked Dehli ; and it was only then that Muhammad Shah heard that Nadir Shah had come to Dehli. A