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servants, followers, bride or spouse; and surely all these names indicate that none should be ashamed of that glorious person to whom they are related, and from whom their eternal happiness proceeds. Moreover, they are the light of the world, they are cities set on an bill that cannot be hid, and should shine, of consequence, in the midst of the world, holding forth the word of life, by the beauties of a scriptural profession and a holy conversation. He that hath a friend must show himself friendly; and Christ’s name must perish from the world, which is impossible, if there is not a succession of witnesses in the church, to appear on his side: His name shall endure for ever, and be continued as long as the sun. Men shall be blest in him; and all nations shall call him blessed. Happy are we, if we are honoured to confess that divine person before men, and, in any degree, to contribute our endeavour to make his name to endure for ever! This will be the greatest public honour God can bestow on us in this world, and no mean evidence that we are to enjoy the glories of the next! No person ever regretted in his dying moments, or at the supreme tribunal, that he had made a public profession of Christ before men.

2. Our confession of Christ is not to originate in false or improper motives: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, If our eye is not single, our whole bodies cannot be full of light. A profession, however splendid, if it be hypocritical, is an abomination in the sight of God. We are not to confess Christ before men from a spirit of contradiction to others: We are bound to oppose all who oppose the truth as it is in Christ; but our contendings are not to flow from resentment at men’s persons, nor a delight in their errors and failings: Nor are we to oppose any system because professed by men whom we have been accustomed to despise, or because