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matter to carry us about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. Our strife, in this view of the case, will be that of slaves or mercenaries, who have nothing to lose or gain, but fight as they are hired, and not the manly struggles of patriots and free men for their hearths and altars, for their civil and religious liberties. When we believe in Christ, every truth of his word will be precious to us, from its connection with his person, and from its connection with the other branches of the system: this will induce us to contend, as in an agony for the faith, the whole faith, once, and but once, delivered to the saints. Love to the truth also, is a strong reason for a full and consistent confession of Christ before men. Love is a most powerful principle of action, and especially when it operates about the great things of God. He, who, from love of the truth, buys it, shall not exchange it for all the gold of Peru, and all the diamonds of Indostan. Love to the truth animated the martyrs and confessors of Christ, in all ages, and in all their sufferings: They loved not their lives unto the death, because they loved the truth. Let us go and do likewise, at least in affection and resolution. Truth is as precious as ever, and the duty of contending for it will never grow out of date while the world stands.

4. It is our duty to confess, before men, the whole truth of the gospel, or the whole of Christ’s name, as revealed in the scripture. All the doctrines exhibited in the word, are to be the matter of our confession ; and surely we ought not to be ashamed of what infinite wisdom hath revealed. No part of the scripture is made known in vain, but deserves to be believed with our hearts, and defended with our blood, and must not be lost by ignorance or error. The church is the pillar and