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the direction of Dr. Rhy, and Mr. Bennett of Belize. A sketch of the mine and surrounding country has appeared in the Honduras Gazette, from which we learn, that the mine is situated in a very romantic part of the province of San Salvador, fourteen leagues from San Miguel, and that it is surrounded by a chain of high hills, over which a good carriage road, eighteen feet wide, has been cut in a zigzag direction, by the proprietors of the mines, for the purpose of conveying the large pieces of a steam-engine, which were too heavy to be conveyed in the usual way on mules, from La Seba (a small port on the Pacific) to the mine. A considerable space is said to be levelled near the mouth, on which is erected an engine-house, blacksmiths' forge, carpenters' shop, and a long range of buildings for the accommodation of the workmen. The engine was at that time at work, and is described as a good one, of six horse power, acting so forcibly, that, although the water in the shaft occupied a space of twelve feet by eight or nine, it cleared at the average of thirteen inches within the hour. The mine is said to have been wrought to a very considerable perpendicular depth, independent of numerous branches, or levels, as they are termed; all of which must be full of water, so that much time must necessarily be occupied before it is completely drained. The country about Tabanco