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To let her cows my clover taste
have I not rose by break of day?
Did ever Nan ’s heifers fast,
if Robin in his barn had hay?
Tho' to my fields they welcome were,
I ne'er was welcome yet to her.

If ever Nanny lost a sheep,
I cheerfully did give her two;
And I her lambs did safely keep
within my fold in frost and snow:
Have they not there from cold been free,
But Nanny still is cold to me.

When Nanny to the well did come,
Twas I that did her pitchers fill;
Full as they were I brought them home;
her corn I carried to the mill;
My back did bear the sack, but she
Will never bear a sight of me.

To Nancy's poultry oats I gave.
I'm sure they always had the best;
Within this week her pigeons have
eat up a peck of pease at least.
Her little pigeons kiss but she
Will never take a kiss from me.

Must Robin always Nanny woo,
and Nanny still on Robin frown,
Alas ! poor wretch! what shall I do,
if Nanny does not love me soon?
If no relief to me she’ll bring
I'll hang me in her apron-string.