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The Life of

How London doth pour out her citizens. 24
The mayor and all his brethren in best sort,
Like to the senators of the antique Rome,
With the plebeians swarming at their heels,
Go forth and fetch their conquering Caesar in:
As, by a lower but loving likelihood, 29
Were now the general of our gracious empress,—
As in good time he may,—from Ireland coming,
Bringing rebellion broached on his sword, 32
How many would the peaceful city quit
To welcome him! much more, and much more cause,
Did they this Harry. Now in London place him;
As yet the lamentation of the French 36
Invites the King of England's stay at home,—
The emperor's coming in behalf of France,
To order peace between them;—and omit
All the occurrences, whatever chanc'd, 40
Till Harry's back-return again to France:
There must we bring him; and myself have play'd
The interim, by remembering you 'tis past.
Then brook abridgment, and your eyes advance,
After your thoughts, straight back again to France.



Scene One

[France. The English camp]

Enter Fluellen and Gower.


Gow. Nay, that's right; but why wear you
your leek to-day? Saint Davy's day is past.

Flu. There is occasions and causes why and
wherefore in all things: I will tell you, asse my 4
friend, Captain Gower. The rascally, scald,

25 sort: array
30 general: Earl of Essex; cf. n.
32 broached: transfixed
38 emperor's; cf. n.
39 order: arrange

5 scald: scurvy