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Henry the Fifth, V. i

Pist. I take thy groat in earnest of revenge.

Flu. If I owe you anything I will pay you in
cudgels: you shall be a woodmonger, and buy
nothing of me but cudgels. God be wi' you, and
keep you, and heal your pate. Exit.

Pist. All hell shall stir for this. 72

Gow. Go, go; you are a counterfeit cowardly
knave. Will you mock at an ancient tradition,
begun upon an honourable respect, and worn as
a memorable trophy of predeceased valour, and 76
dare not avouch in your deeds any of your words?
I have seen you gleeking and galling at this
gentleman twice or thrice. You thought, be-
cause he could not speak English in the native 80
garb, he could not therefore handle an English
cudgel: you find it otherwise; and henceforth
let a Welsh correction teach you a good English
condition. Fare ye well. Exit.

Pist. Doth Fortune play the huswife with me now? 85
News have I that my Doll is dead i' the spital
Of malady of France:
And there my rendezvous is quite cut off. 88
Old I do wax, and from my weary limbs
Honour is cudgell'd. Well, bawd I'll turn,
And something lean to cutpurse of quick hand.
To England will I steal, and there I'll steal: 92
And patches will I get unto these cudgell'd scars,
And swear I got them in the Gallia wars. Exit.

75 respect: consideration
77 avouch: support
78 gleeking: scoffing
galling: jeering
81 garb: manner
84 condition: disposition
85 huswife: jilt