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Henry the Fifth, V. ii

one. But, Kate, dost thou understand thus
much English, Canst thou love me? 205

Kath. I cannot tell.

K. Hen. Can any of your neighbours tell,
Kate? I'll ask them. Come, I know thou lovest
me; and at night when you come into your
closet you'll question this gentlewoman about 210
me; and I know, Kate, you will to her dispraise
those parts in me that you love with your heart:
but, good Kate, mock me mercifully; the rather,
gentle princess, because I love thee cruelly. If
ever thou be'st mine, Kate,—as I have a saving
faith within me tells me thou shalt,—I get thee
with scambling, and thou must therefore needs 217
prove a good soldier-breeder. Shall not thou
and I, between Saint Denis and Saint George,
compound a boy, half French, half English,
that shall go to Constantinople and take the
Turk by the beard? shall we not? what sayest
thou, my fair flower-de-luce?

Kath. I do not know dat. 224

K. Hen. No; 'tis hereafter to know, but now
to promise: do but now promise, Kate, you will
endeavour for your French part of such a boy,
and for my English moiety take the word of a
king and a bachelor. How answer you, la plus
belle Katharine du monde, mon très cher et
devin déesse? 231

Kath. Your majesté ave fausse French enough
to deceive de most sage demoiselle dat is en
France. 234

K. Hen. Now, fie upon my false French! By

203, 204 at one: alike
210 closet: chamber
217 scambling: fighting
223 flower-de-luce: fleur-de-lys, the emblem of France
228 moiety: half