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Henry the Fifth, II. ii

And shall forget the office of our hand,
Sooner than quittance of desert and merit
According to the weight and worthiness.

Scroop. So service shall with steeled sinews toil, 36
And labour shall refresh itself with hope,
To do your Grace incessant services.

K. Hen. We judge no less. Uncle of Exeter,
Enlarge the man committed yesterday 40
That rail'd against our person: we consider
It was excess of wine that set him on;
And on his more advice we pardon him.

Scroop. That's mercy, but too much security:
Let him be punish'd, sovereign, lest example 45
Breed, by his sufferance, more of such a kind.

K. Hen. O! let us yet be merciful.

Cam. So may your highness, and yet punish too. 48

Grey. Sir,
You show great mercy, if you give him life
After the taste of much correction.

K. Hen. Alas! your too much love and care of me 52
Are heavy orisons 'gainst this poor wretch.
If little faults, proceeding on distemper,
Shall not be wink'd at, how shall we stretch our eye
When capital crimes, chew'd, swallow'd, and digested, 56
Appear before us? We'll yet enlarge that man,
Though Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey, in their dear care,
And tender preservation of our person,

34 quittance: reward
40 Enlarge: set free
43 his more advice: his return to greater coolness of mind
46 by his sufferance: because he is pardoned
53 orisons: petitions
54 proceeding on distemper: arising from drunkenness