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Henry the Fifth, II. iv

Nym. I cannot kiss, that is the humour of
it; but, adieu. 65

Pist. Let housewifery appear: keep close, I thee command.

Host. Farewell; adieu. Exeunt.


Scene Four

[France. An Apartment in the French King's Palace]

Flourish. Enter the French King, the Dauphin, the Dukes of Berri and Bretagne [the Constable, and Others].


Fr. King. Thus comes the English with full power upon us;
And more than carefully it us concerns
To answer royally in our defences.
Therefore the Dukes of Berri and Bretagne, 4
Of Brabant and of Orleans, shall make forth,
And you, Prince Dauphin, with all swift dispatch,
To line and new repair our towns of war
With men of courage and with means defendant: 8
For England his approaches makes as fierce
As waters to the sucking of a gulf:
It fits us then to be as provident
As fear may teach us, out of late examples 12
Left by the fatal and neglected English
Upon our fields.

Dau. My most redoubted father,
It is most meet we arm us 'gainst the foe;

66 housewifery: economy

Scene Four S. d. Constable; cf. n.
2 more than carefully: with more than common care
7 line: strengthen
9 England: the king of England
10 gulf: whirlpool
13 fatal and neglected: fatally neglected