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The Life of

Nothing but odds with England: to that end,
As matching to his youth and vanity,
I did present him with the Paris balls.

Exe. He'll make your Paris Louvre shake for it, 132
Were it the mistress-court of mighty Europe:
And, be assur'd, you'll find a difference—
As we his subjects have in wonder found—
Between the promise of his greener days 136
And these he masters now. Now he weighs time
Even to the utmost grain; that you shall read
In your own losses, if he stay in France.

Fr. King. To-morrow shall you know our mind at full. Flourish. 140

Exe. Dispatch us with all speed, lest that our king
Come here himself to question our delay;
For he is footed in this land already.

Fr. King. You shall be soon dispatch'd with fair conditions: 144
A night is but small breath and little pause
To answer matters of this consequence. Exeunt.



Flourish. Enter Chorus.


Thus with imagin'd wing our swift scene flies
In motion of no less celerity
Than that of thought. Suppose that you have seen
The well-appointed king at Hampton pier 4
Embark his royalty; and his brave fleet
With silken streamers the young Phoebus fanning:

129 odds: discord
136 greener: younger
137 masters: possesses
145 breath: breathing space

1 imagin'd wing: wings of imagination
5 brave: fine