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Henry the Fifth, III. ii

are matched with as few good deeds; for a' never
broke any man's head but his own, and that was 44
against a post when he was drunk. They will
steal any thing and call it purchase. Bardolph
stole a lute-case, bore it twelve leagues, and sold
it for three half-pence. Nym and Bardolph are 48
sworn brothers in filching, and in Calais they
stole a fire-shovel: I knew by that piece of ser-
vice the men would carry coals. They would
have me as familiar with men's pockets as their 52
gloves or their handkerchers: which makes
much against my manhood if I should take
from another's pocket to put into mine; for it is
plain pocketing up of wrongs. I must leave them 56
and seek some better service: their villainy goes
against my weak stomach, and therefore I must
cast it up. Exit.

Enter Gower.

Gow. Captain Fluellen, you must come pre-
sently to the mines: the Duke of Gloucester
would speak with you. 62

Flu. To the mines! tell you the duke it is
not so good to come to the mines. For look
you, the mines is not according to the disciplines
of the war; the concavities of it is not sufficient; 66
for, look you, th' athversary—you may discuss
unto the duke, look you—is digt himself four
yard under the countermines; by Cheshu, I
think, a' will plow up all if there is not better
directions. 71

Gow. The Duke of Gloucester, to whom the

46 purchase: slang term for money gained by cheating
51 carry coals: swallow insults
65 the mines is not; cf. n.
67 discuss: explain
69 Cheshu: Jesu