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Henry the Fifth, IV. i

Erp. Shall I attend your Grace?

K. Hen. No, my good knight;
Go with my brothers to my lords of England:
I and my bosom must debate awhile,
And then I would no other company. 32

Erp. The Lord in heaven bless thee, noble Harry!

Exeunt [all but the King].

K. Hen. God-a-mercy, old heart! thou speak'st cheerfully.

Enter Pistol.

Pist. Che vous la?

K. Hen. A friend. 36

Pist. Discuss unto me; art thou officer?
Or art thou base, common and popular?

K. Hen. I am a gentleman of a company.

Pist. Trail'st thou the puissant pike? 40

K. Hen. Even so. What are you?

Pist. As good a gentleman as the emperor.

K. Hen. Then you are a better than the king.

Pist. The king's a bawcock, and a heart of gold, 44
A lad of life, an imp of fame:
Of parents good, of fist most valiant:
I kiss his dirty shoe, and from heart-string
I love the lovely bully. What's thy name? 48

K. Hen. Harry le Roy.

Pist. Le Roy! a Cornish name: art thou of Cornish crew?

K. Hen. No, I am a Welshman.

Pist. Know'st thou Fluellen? 52

K. Hen. Yes.

Pist. Tell him, I'll knock his leek about his pate
Upon Saint Davy's day.

35 Che vous la: i.e., Qui va là
38 popular: plebeian
45 imp: youngling
48 bully: good fellow
55 Saint Davy's day: March 1; cf. n.