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The Life of

K. Hen. Do not you wear your dagger in your
cap that day, lest he knock that about yours. 57

Pist. Art thou his friend?

K. Hen. And his kinsman too.

Pist. The figo for thee then! 60

K. Hen. I thank you. God be with you!

Pist. My name is Pistol called. Exit.

K. Hen. It sorts well with your fierceness.

Enter Fluellen and Gower [severally].

Gow. Captain Fluellen! 64

Flu. So! in the name of Cheshu Christ, speak
lower. It is the greatest admiration in the
universal world, when the true and auncient
prerogatifes and laws of the wars is not kept.
If you would take the pains but to examine the
wars of Pompey the Great, you shall find, I
warrant you, that there is no tiddle-taddle nor
pibble-pabble in Pompey's camp; I warrant
you, you shall find the ceremonies of the wars,
and the cares of it, and the forms of it, and the
sobriety of it, and the modesty of it, to be other-
wise. 76

Gow. Why, the enemy is loud; you hear
him all night.

Flu. If the enemy is an ass and a fool and a
prating coxcomb, is it meet, think you, that we
should also, look you, be an ass and a fool and a
prating coxcomb, in your own conscience now?

Gow. I will speak lower. 83

Flu. I pray you and peseech you that you
will. Exit [with Gower].

K. Hen. Though it appear a little out of fashion,
There is much care and valour in this Welshman.

59 kinsman: brother Welshman (Henry was born at Monmouth)