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Part II.

In front of the building is a small crypto-porticus similar in arrangement to that of her father's tomb, and beyond this is an oblong space with circular ends,

296. Plan of San Stephano Rotondo. (From Guteusohn and Knapp.) Scale 100 ft. to 1 in.

and surrounded on all sides by arcades; its dimensions were 535 feet by 130, and, though so ruined as hardly to allow of its arrangements being restored, it is interesting as being perhaps the only instance of the "forum" which it is probable was left before all tombs in those times, and traces of which may perhaps be found elsewhere, though as yet they have not been looked for.

The only other important circular building within the walls of Rome of this early age is that known as S. Stephano Rotondo. Though there is nothing to fix its date with any precision, it is almost

297. Plan of Sti.Angeli, Perugia. (From Isabelle.) Scale 100 ft. to 1 in.

certain that it belongs to the fifth and sixth centuries of the Christian era. It is 210 ft. in diameter, and its roof was supported by two ranges of columns circularly disposed in its interior; and on the first or inner range rested a horizontal architrave like that of St.Peter's. In the outer one the pillars support arches like those of St. Paul's. All the pillars are taken from older buildings. The outer aisle was divided into eight compartments; but in what manner, and for what purpose, it is not now easy to ascertain, owing to the ruined state of the building, and

298. Section of Sti. Angeli, Perugia. (From Isabelle, "Edifices Circulaires.") No scale.