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Prohibition against developing human embryo outside body of woman for more than 14 days

8. No person shall develop any human embryo outside the body of a woman for a period of more than 14 days, excluding any period when the development of the embryo is suspended.

Prohibition against collecting viable human embryo from body of woman

9. No person shall remove any human embryo from the body of a woman for the purpose of collecting a viable human embryo.

Prohibition against certain uses of embryo

10. No person shall—

(a) place any human embryo in an animal;
(b) place any human embryo in the body of a human, other than in a woman's reproductive tract; or
(c) place any animal embryo in the body of a human for any period of gestation.

Prohibition against placing prohibited embryo in body of woman

11. No person shall place any embryo in the body of a woman knowing that, or reckless as to whether, the embryo is a prohibited embryo.

Prohibition against importing and exporting prohibited embryos

12. No person shall knowingly—

(a) import any prohibited embryo into Singapore; or
(b) export any prohibited embryo out of Singapore.

Prohibition against commercial trading in human eggs, human sperm and human embryos

13.—(1) No person shall

(a) give or offer valuable consideration to another person; or