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Import and Export (General) (Amendment) Regulation 2013

L.N. 25 of 2013

Section 5


“(1D) Section 6D(1) of the Ordinance does not apply to powdered formula (whether of the same composition and whether in one or more containers) that is exported in the accompanied personal baggage of a person aged 16 or above leaving Hong Kong—
(a) if—
(i) the person did not leave Hong Kong in the last 24 hours; and
(ii) the formula does not exceed 1.8 kg in total net weight; or
(b) if—
(i) the person left Hong Kong one or more times in the last 24 hours;
(ii) the person is leaving Hong Kong together with a person aged under 36 months (child); and
(iii) the formula is in an unsealed container and does not exceed a reasonable quantity for the child’s consumption during the travelling time from a point of exit in Hong Kong to the next point of entry in a place outside Hong Kong.”.

5. Schedule 2 amended

Schedule 2, Part 1, after item 8—

“9. Powdered formula. All places outside Hong Kong.”.