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Kalighat. When his devotions were completed, it was time for him to resume his journey with his family. What was I to do? I burst into tears.

My kind friend said, "Look here, listen to me. A friend of mine of the name of Ramram Datta lives hard by in Thanthania. I happened to meet him yesterday. He told me that he was in great distress for want of a cook-maid. It happens that girls of quite respectable families in our country go into service as cooks. He asked me if I could recommend some one. I promised to make enquiries. Now why should not you take this chance? I see no other refuge for you. I must tell frankly that my means do not permit me to take you with us to Benares. Even if you came with us, you would be no better off than you are now. On the other hand, if you stay here, you can continue your search for your relatives."

What could I do but agree? But the thought of the trouble my looks had given me