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behind him, and suddenly put my hands over his eyes.

He laughed and said, "As if I did know that it was you, Kamini, with your silly baby tricks!"

Kamini was my youngest sister.

I said, "I am not Kamini. Tell me who I am, and I will let you go."

On hearing the sound of my voice, he started, and asked huskily, "Who is it?"

I took away my hands from his eyes, and stood in front of him.

"Chief of deceivers," I said, "my name is Indira. I am the daughter of Hara Mohan Datta, and this my paternal home. My morning reverence to your worship! May I venture to ask after the welfare of your friend Kumudini?"

He was speechless! I could not help noting, however, that he was delighted to see me.

"What practical joke is this, Kumudini," he said, "and, how did you come here?"