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room. While she was thus engaged, she picked up a piece of paper. Running to her mother with it, she asked, "What is this, mother?"

Her mother examined the paper and exclaimed, "Why, this is a currency note!"

"Then in that case he must have thrown it in through the door."

"Yes, he meant it for a present for you. Besides, look what is written on it. 'For Radharani'."

Radharani said, "Oh, how good of him! Did you ever hear of such a kind person before, mother?"

Her mother replied, "Look, he has written his name on the note, too. Do you know why he has done that? Because people might refuse to change it for fear it was stolen. His name is Rukmini Kumar Ray."

Next day mother and daughter made many enquiries as to who Rukmini Kumar Ray might be. But no one seemed to know of any one of that name in Srirampur or any of the adjacent villages. They did not change the note.